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Nov 26 2017, 06:41 AM

Apr 1 2017, 02:44 AM

We all know that Robert De Niro is a great actor. He doesn't portray characters on film...he creates characters. Literally. Creates them. They exist in a dimension that most of us can't access. Only he is able to tap into them and bring them to life. However, they interact with each other. While you may think that they would all get along, you would be mistaken to do so. A collection of the biggest egos and most outlandish personalities ever put on celluloid,Robert De Niro's characters have recently begun to jostle for control of his legacy.

BADDIES - GOODIE TWO SHOES: Believe that Robert De Niro should be remembered for his fine acting, even when he portrays everyday people and family men. WINCON - Gain a majority that can not be overcome. Have BTSC and a NightKill. The NightKill can be traded for two attempts at a RID Kill, but not two nights in a row. If either attempt fails, whether due to Indy or because wrong, both fail. RID Kills can be saved. This does not count as a failure.

Michael Vronsky - The Deer Hunter - Vote Manip. Can make any other player's vote = x0 or x2

Donald Rimgale - Backdraft - Uses knowledge of fire to stop target's action. Block

Jack Byrnes - Meet the Parents - Selects a target. If Jack is spied he will be told the target's role and the spy will be told that Jack is the target's role. On subsequent nights Jack can choose whether to be seen as the previous role or the current target. Forger/Passive Spy

Pat Solitano, Sr. - Silver Linings Playbook - OTDG, inherits action of any dead Gangster. Chooses at any time after a Gangster has died.

GOODIES - DELINQUENTS AND PSYCHOPATHS: Believe that De Niro's best work was when he played characters who existed on the edge of society. WINCON - kill all baddies and Indies

Jimmy Conway - Goodfellas - Has connections with influential people and can prevent actions from happening. Block

Sam "Ace" Rothstein - Casino - Casino executive with mafia ties. Dice Roll (1.Spy 2. Save 3. Block 4. RID Kill 5. Kill 6. Reroll {odd = none, even = choice})

Travis Bickle - Taxi Driver - Uses his cab to tail his target. Choice between Target and Follow Spy*

Jake La Motta - Raging Bull - Boxer. Save. Can not save same player twice unless all live Goodies have been saved

Al Capone - The Untouchables - Has connections all over the city who provide him with information on people. Role Spy*

Max Cady - Cape Fear - Unstable killer. Kill

Vito Corleone - The Godfather II - Vote manip. Can make any other player's vote = x0 or x2

Neil McCauley - Heat - Burglar that can get into people's homes and leave messages. Messenger. 200 characters. Smiley's = 1 character

The Creature (Frankenstein's Monster) - Mary Shelley's Frankenstein - From Dr. Frankenstein's lab, the Creature has come across doses of L-Dopa. Each night, he targets a player to give a dose to. Further explanation in the Indy RD. ODTG can take a dead player into Dr. Frankenstein's lab and revives them. The creature can not die until N2.

Gil Renard - The Fan - Trap - Selects a player and kidnaps them. They do not act at night and are saved from Night Kills. They will be given BTSC for the DAY (any other BTSC will be lost). The target can not speak on the main thread nor be voted for during the day. Gil may execute the target. The choice is made in the BTSC and may be changed up to the end of the day. BTSC's will be saved and accessible by Gil, but he may choose to "delete" them. If Gil chooses Jack Byrnes he will die at the end of the night and Jack will gain access to all saved BTSC, unless Gil is saved.

* the Goodie spies will get the results of the other spy's action and not their own so long as the other spy was alive when the night started. Otherwise, they will get their own result.

INDY: Would not mind if De Niro's work was just forgotten, much like him. WINCON - Successfully RID two goodies.

Leonard Lowe - Awakenings - 1) each night chooses a goodie role. If the role is dead they will receive only that player's name. If the role is alive they will receive that player's name plus a random alive goodie and alive baddie.
2) RID Zombify - each night may choose a RID. Target must be a Goodie. If the RID is correct, then that player will be moved into a "catatonic state". They will not be notified, but Leonard will be given a success notice. It will be as if that player is dead. Beginning that night, they cannot be acted on nor act. All actions of those types will return as a failure. Votes on them will not count. The only action that can be done on them is for The Creature to give them a dose of L-Dopa. This will "awaken" them for one cycle, night and day. If L-Dopa is given the same night as a successful RID then the catatonic state is delayed one cycle. If Indy wins then the game continues but Leonard goes back into a catatonic state. If a RID Kill is tried on a catatonic player it will fail. Action 1 can be blocked, action 2 can not. Can not die until D2.

Each player is expected to participate during the Day Phase. Therefore at the beginning of each day phase players eligible to be lynched will start with 5 votes on them. Posting reduces the votes thusly:

1 Post - 3 votes
2 posts - 1 vote
3+ posts - 0 votes

Posting the roster and adding a vote, without saying anything else will not count as a vote. Posts within 10 minutes of each other will count as 1 post, unless they are addressing different posts quoted within the post.

Tie rules -
1. Fewest posts up to 3
2. Most votes on previous days
3. Roll of 20 sided die. Highest number dies.
4. Nobody dies

Kills are not blocking. RID Kill can be saved.
Jan 17 2017, 02:49 AM
This is early in the thought process. But Once I get past this hurdle I expect there to be a quick resolution.

One difference from Season 1 is that there will not be two separate BTSCs for the baddies where the Cops can intercept messages back and forth. Instead the Cops will be able to listen in somehow to the BTSC. I will either set up BTSC with greek accounts and grant the cops access, or I will copy and paste certain posts. Now it will be like last time where it will be during a certain time or a certain percentage.

The set-up will have 16 players. I am set on that. They will be:

Avon Barksdale
Stringer Bell
Bodie Broadus

Lt. Daniels
Bunk Moreland
Beadie Russell

Frank Sobotka
Ziggy Sobotka

The Greek


The reason Frank and Ziggy are in a slightly different color is because I havent ecided if I want this to be 11-3-1-1 with those two able to be recruited over to the Greek's faction, or just start off 9-3-3-1 with two baddie factions.

I am looking for suggestions. I am willing to add/subtract/move roles for balancing purposes. But this effectively 9-3-3-1 set up is my preferred set-up if its manageable. I was thinking of giving the two baddie factions a kill, but one that is 50/50 and not announce in the OP who killed who.

Again, very preliminary...and I'm a sponge.
Jan 17 2017, 02:34 AM
First off R.I.P Superfly :'(

Secondly...nervously submitting...

Spoiler for PROLOGUE

Spoiler for MECHANICS

Spoiler for WRESTLERS

Spoiler for FQA's
Dec 26 2016, 05:55 AM
Spoiler for PROLOGUE

Spoiler for MECHANICS

Spoiler for WRESTLERS

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Quitters never win, but winners never quit. XD
Sep 13 2014, 04:10 PM

"Whachu talkin' 'bout, Willis?"

^Probably better^
Mar 25 2011, 12:32 PM
Nah. It's "Whatchu talkin' abou', Willis?"
Mar 25 2011, 12:31 PM
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