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Posted by: _araver Jan 26 2011, 08:48 PM
Mafiamaniacs go to the Dungeons ( And Dragons. And stuff.)

*** Somewhere in the world in a small attic three boys are about to embark on a voyage deep in a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as unreality… wait, that’s not it … as vast as space and as timeless as infinity, the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstion, between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge ... Or so it says on the CD cover. Nevermind. ***

PLAYER1: Come on, open it. We don’t have all day!

PLAYER2: Quiet, it’s my computer. I get to do things first.

PLAYER3: Aww, man, you two are soooo boring. Let’s do this.

*** They insert the CD and stand quiet during the install process. Quiet for about thirty seconds that is. Maybe less. ***

PLAYER3: Aww, man, what’s taking so long …

PLAYER1: I knew we should have used my computer.

PLAYER2: Shut up you two. It’s up now … see!

All three: Woooaaaahhhh!

*** The screen shows a very small intro featuring a man in a striped suit and a machine-gun. Before you know it, the screen blinks and the image gets dark. Almost like a glitch. Almost. A brief welcome screen is shown in red ***

PLAYER3: Dunge …

PLAYER1: Dungeons and Dragons. What’s that?

PLAYER2: Stop touching the mouse. It says on the cover. Dungeons with Dragons in it. God, you two are embarassing.

PLAYER1: Quiet little one. Don’t make me punch you. What’s thaaaaaattttttt?

Voice-over: Welcome to the Dungeons. Here there be Dragons.

PLAYER1: What? That’s not even proper English.

PLAYER2: Shut up. No, seriously ... shut up.

Voice-over: Click Continue to see the Guide or Skip to jump to where the action is.

PLAYER3: Click Continue

PLAYER1: Who needs guides ... guides are boring. Action! Action! Action!

PLAYER2: OK, clicking it now. Don’t touch the mouse.

Voice-over: You have chosen to enter and meet the denizens of this realm. Quick-tip: Right-click on a character to see a short bio. Left-Click for actions. Turn off quick tips?

PLAYER1: Turn it off already. It annoying. It sounds like your mom.

PLAYER3: Oh, shut up. Like your mom’s voice is any better.

PLAYER2: Bye bye quick tips. What next?

FOX: Hello, boys

All three: Woooaaaahhhh!

PLAYER3: How does she know it’s more of us?

PLAYER1: Yeah ... what he said.

PLAYER2: Shut up you too. Let’s see who she is *right-clicks*

[Fox the Collaborator – Innocent looking, appears as a female goodie if spied. Action: Can follow the actions of one Player per night (Spy)]


FOX: Welcome to the Dungeon. I will be your guide tour tonight. Although night here is ... nevermind. I will be your guide tour now. What do you guys wanna see first?

PLAYER3: B*****

PLAYER1: A*****

PLAYER2: Hey. It’s PG rated you dumb-heads. Let’s see what the Left-Click does. Ah, a list of topics... Boring, boring, boring.. hmm, this looks interesting “Baddie BTSC”.

FOX: Ah, yes, a wonderful choice indeed. I’m gonna tell you a little secret: I’m also the Baddie Queen. See, the whole tour guide doesn’t pay much and I got a second job as the Baddie Queen. But I won’t bore you with details. Just promise not to tell anyone OK?

PLAYER1: OK, but what does BTSC mean?

FOX: Well, BTSC stands for Behind The Scenes Communication during the Game. Ah, did you guys just skip the guide?

PLAYER3: She knows too much.

PLAYER2: Shut up. You’re getting paranoid. Look at her. She looks innocent.

PLAYER1: Doh. That’s what the bio said, remember.

PLAYER3: It’s not here, it’s this place. It’s creepy.

PLAYER2: If you don’t like it, go fish or something.

PLAYER1: Just tell her we knew that. Just wanted to test her or something. Come on.

PLAYER2: OK. More about Baddie BTSC.

FOX: Well, let’s go into the next room and meet my friends. They’re currently in the Baddie BTSC. It’s easy to spot. Big red room lit with red candles. Hurry up.

*** They move to the next room where they find 3 characters engaged in a fight. Strangely, they don’t seem to fight just throw words at each other. Two of them are deeply engaged in the conversation. The third watches them from a distance, listening but not contributing much. A short glint in his left eye appears briefly (it’s actually a clever use of Fourier series to simulate a real ... bla bla... serious talk that needs to be removed before the final version comes out) ***

PLAYER1: Wooooaaaaaah. Who are they?

PLAYER2: Checking now.

PLAYER3: Chick first.

PLAYER2: OK. But don’t touch the mouse.

[Izzy the Gory – Dismember: Ruthlessly bent on the destruction of the Players, if successful she kills them in the most gruesome ways she can imagine. Action: RID Kill.]

[Phaze the Riddler – Confuse: Loves to puzzle Players, making illogical scenarios and rendering them incapable of acting. Trapped people cannot act that night or the following day, nor can they be voted for or vote. Action: Trap]

[BrandonB the Beguiler – Manipulation: He takes delight in manipulating others. Each night he can add to the night-post. If spied upon, he takes the appearance of a person of his choosing. Action: Post manipulator + Spy reflect]

PHAZE: Your refusal to admit that this would work means your hiding something from us. Which I suspected for a while now.

IZZY: Seriously bro, we’re in the Baddie BTSC. What should I hide in here? Do you even listen to yourself?

PHAZE: Then say what you have against this perfectly logical course of action that is guaranteed to ...

BRANDONB: Quiet. We’ve got company.

FOX: Hello. I’ve brought you a few guests I found wandering. I’m showing them the places in our dungeon as the *cough* Official Tour Guide *cough*

BRANDONB: Right. Yeah. We don’t get enough visitors nowadays.

IZZY: Fresh meat ...*ahem* people.

PHAZE: Welcome to our place. You have come to seek apprenticeship here?

IZZY: Bro, how many times do I have to tell you, it’s called ...


All three players: Ahh ... Well, ahh ... We....

FOX: I believe our guests have skipped something on the way over. So, why don’t we let them rest for a while.

BRANDONB: Skippers. My favorites. biggrin.gif See what we have here is a simple game. You tell me who you are and I tell you what you can do in the game.

All three players: Well, ahh ... We....

FOX: I don’t think they’re IN the game yet. Where’s UR by the way?

IZZY: I don’t know. He seems to pop in and out whenever he chooses. Closest to God I have ever seen.

*** A fifth character enters the screen. He looks as an old peaceful man, however you get the distinct impression something is not real, unreal even. ***

PLAYER1: Who’s that?


[Unreality the Storyteller – Bore: Loves to drone on about what is happening and as a result causes his targets to fall asleep during the night missing their chance for actions. Action: Block]

UNREALITY: Ah, times are a changing. See, when I was host, people could not just barge in like that. Although I did that mistake once. Balance was broken that day. Hmm, what day was that? Ah, you’re too young to remember. Let me see, it was before the whole desert thing, yeah, before that fiasco, right at the beginning.

PLAYER1: What is he talking about? What desert? Guys, should we go back and read the guide?

PLAYER2: Yeah, I’m not getting this. Save & Exit.

PLAYER3: I’ve been reading the guide that came with it. It’s weird. Check it out.

*** Couple of minutes later ***

PLAYER2: Doh. Don’t trust anyone. That figures.

PLAYER1: How can you not trust them? See how they look. Innocent.

PLAYER3: Dude, that’s the point. It’s crazy out there. In there. Whatever.

PLAYER2: Should we give this another try?

PLAYER3: Yeah.

PLAYER1: I’m still confused.

PLAYER3: You’re always confused.

PLAYER2: This time, we get the hell out of there. It’s called Baddies BTSC for a reason.

*** Un-pause. ***

PLAYER2: Well, thanks for your stories. Is it day yet?

PHAZE: Did they just ...

IZZY: ... pause us?

PHAZE: I hate it when you do that?

IZZY: What? Point out the obvious? Meh, sweet-talk isn’t getting us anywhere. Get them.

BRANDONB: For once, I agree. UR, block the exit.


FOX: I’ve got it.


*** The three make a narrow escape to the eastern exit. They run for a while and stop at a crossroad. The dungeon’ lighting has improved in these areas, and they can see the walls have tables and other arcane symbols all around. A green arrow points to the west. A blue arrow points north. A gray arrow points to the east. ***

PLAYER2: Quick, check the manual. Green, blue or gray?

PLAYER1: Checking. Green is Indy. Gray is Ghost. Blue is Goodie.

PLAYER3: Goodie it is. We can always come back.

PLAYER2: Nope. Let’s check Indy first.

*** Further west, in a round room with green candles, two people study a map of sorts. They scribble down plans and operations, unaware of their surroundings***

MAURICE: So if you get him, I can ask tonight and the next night we get the other one. Just need to figure out who to frame today.

[Maurice the Druid – Natural Knowledge: One who draws energy from the natural world to cast spells and gain strange magical powers, can find out the truth once per night. Action: Oracle]

ARAVER: See, there is a flaw here. I can see it. What if we get redirected? I think some are on to me.

[Araver the Barbarian – Brutality: A ferocious warrior who uses fury and instinct to bring down his foes Action: Kill]

MAURICE: Yeah, you’re also too paranoid. Too much coffee. Calm down, read it over, tell me what you see.

ARAVER: It looks good. But the redirecter can still be alive. We should ask the host if ...

PLAYER2: Hello? Are we interrupting anything?

*** The two quickly hide the map and smile to the newcomers ***

MAURICE: What? Did anyone have a resurrect spell or something? Who are you?

PLAYER2: We ... we were running from the Baddie BTSC.

ARAVER: And what can you tell us about that place?

PLAYER1: What? Well ... it’s red.

PLAYER3: Obviously he knows that.

PLAYER2: We’ve seen some people there if that’s what you’re referring to. But I’m not stupid enough to tell you who we saw.

ARAVER: Ah, well. That doesn’t always work. I wonder how they pulled something like this in the past. Read about and it sounded so easy to do. I must be missing something.

MAURICE: Can you help us with anything here? Or can we help you with anything?

PLAYER2: Not really, just looking around.

MAURICE: See, I’m normally OK with that, but nowadays one must be careful. Any reason you’re looking around here in particular?

ARAVER: They are spies.

MAURICE [to ARAVER]: Stop it. Look at the plans again. I’ll handle them, OK?

MAURICE: Could you do Maurice a favor?

PLAYER1: Yeah.

PLAYER2: Depends.

PLAYER3: Hell, no. They are creeping me.

PLAYER2: Shut up. It’s my mouse.

MAURICE: If you come across a blue room, could you tell the people in there that you saw Phaze and Izzy in the green room, plotting?

PLAYER2: Uh, OK. I guess.


MAURICE[to ARAVER]: Just added a new layer of confusion. This will work! Finally!

*** The two return to their crazy drawings. After a while watching them becomes boring. ***

PLAYER3: Let’s get out of here.

PLAYER1: Maybe their drawings are interesting, could we have a look.

PLAYER2: Not the way they’re guarding them. Nah, I’m outta here.

*** Back to the crossroads and further north, in a large room, 4 players sit around a table. Strangely the table is round and there are a lot of empty spaces ***

FRAMM: Hello. And who might you be?
[Framm the Rogue – Subvert: A tricky, skillful scout and spy who wins the battle by stealth rather than brute force Action: Spy]

PLAYER2: We ... we were running from the Baddie BTSC.

HIRKALA: You claim to have seen the baddies? If this is true, I was wrong, things must be changed. Hold on till I send a short PM.

[Hirkala the Paladin – Force Justice: A champion of justice and destroyer of evil, can change a vote without the voter knowing. Action: Day vote manipulator]

*** Hirk disappears in a cloud of smoke ***

GLYCEREINE: Hold on. You said Baddies? How did you get there?

[Glycereine the Ranger – Misdirect: A cunning, skilled warrior of the wilderness, can change the aim of one target a night. Action: Redirect]

PLAYER3: Yet another one. These guys have a fixed idea.

PLAYER1: Shhh.

PLAYER2: Well, we entered the Dungeon, then we got to a red place ...

SPARROWHAWK: OK, that works for me. Now listen carefully. This will tell us if we can trust you or not. Did you see a man with a strange look in his eye. Think very hard on this before giving me the answer.

[Sparrowhawk the Wizard – Banish: A potent spellcaster schooled in the arcane arts. His most powerful spell, if the target is ID’d correctly, causes permanent removal Action: RID Kill]

PLAYER1: Who is he talking about?

PLAYER3: The green dude? He had some light or something in his eyes?

PLAYER2: Nah, the red dude. The one who watched the other two arguing. Remember.

PLAYER3: Yeah, yeah. That was creepy.

PLAYER1: What are you two talking about?

PLAYER2: Should we tell them?

PLAYER3: Well, they are Goodies right?

PLAYER2: Fair enough.

PLAYER2: We saw the one you talk about. He asked us to reveal our roles.

GLYCEREINE: Typical. What do you think SH?

SPARROWHAWK: Yeah, I think they are telling the truth. How many female characters did you see there?

PLAYER2: Ahhh... two?

FRAMM: Molly was right, this checks out. I knew I should have trusted my gut the first day.

GLYCEREINE: Easy. There’s still time to win this. I know how to make them target one of their own tonight.

SLICK: Action in. Go goodies. We got them this time.

[Slick the Noble - Nobles have the ability to use their background, education, natural charm, and skills in social maneuvering to their advantage in day-to-day lives. Each day can choose to nullify one vote. Action: Vote manipulator]

SPARROWHAWK: And I’ll take another one out. Which leaves only the Indies to worry about.

*** Hirk reappears **

HIRKALA: What did I miss. Nevermind, I’ll read the logs ... Aha. Yup, that’s good laugh.gif Also, I got the problem fixed for tomorrow’s vote. Framm needs to be quiet for a while, then vote near the end. His vote is rigged.

GLYCEREINE: Wish we had a save tonight. We won’t all make it.

SPARROWHAWK: Such is the game. The RID Kill will still go through. And it’s a pleasure to have worked with you.

FRAMM: Same here. Hope we have a chance to do this again.

HIRKALA: Lol, I never thought being a goodie can feel so ... exhilarating.

GLYCEREINE: Thank you, strangers. You have helped us in a dire moment. The night is nearing it’s end. It is time for you to choose your path.

PLAYER2: Ah, well. OK. If you say so.

PLAYER3: What now?

PLAYER1: Can’t we hang around for a while? They look pretty cool.

PLAYER3: I cannot understand your fascination for Blue. Nevermind.

PLAYER2: We still have another area to explore.

PLAYER1: OK. You never do what I want.

PLAYER2: Not now. Don’t start that again.

PLAYER3: Let’s go.

PLAYER2: OK, back to the crossroad.

*** Back to the crossroads and further east, in a small room, 3 players sit around an orb. Moving closer, they see that parts of the orb show different rooms in the dungeon. ***

ONETRUTH: Hello. We’ve been watching and expecting you.
[Onetruth the Bard – Trance: A performer whose music works magic, a wanderer and tale-teller, her music enthralls her target for the night. Action: Block]

MOLLYMAE: Took you a while to get here. See, if you had come here first, you would have learned everything.
[Molly Mae the Sorcerer – Survey Scan: A spellcaster with inborn magical ability. Each night she can cast a powerful spell on one to three targets. She will be returned a result with the number of males and females in her scan. Action: Gender Spy]

ONETRUTH: Not everything. God, you’re so annoying when you say things like that.

MOLLYMAE: Like what? What did I say now? Just wanted to tell them about the orb and all.

PLAYER2: OK ... and you are?

MOLLYMAE: Dead. biggrin.gif

ONETRUTH: Ghosts is the term. [Punches MM in the ribs] Stop messing with them. Break it gentle. They’re just kids. Wonder what you were when you were a kid.

MOLLYMAE: That’s not where my thoughts wander right now. Well, yeah, we’re ghosts. We and Nick. Nick, say Hi.

NICKFLEMING: Hi! I saved the wrong person. Forgot to think to save myself. Story of my life.
[Nick Fleming the Cleric – Save: A master of divine magic with more misguided compassion than necessary Action: Save]

ONETRUTH: For the last time, snap out of it. It’s my fault, I should have blocked that. Stop what-if-ing about it.

PLAYER2: OK, well. Is there something interesting here?

MOLLYMAE: Young one, you are joking obviously. This is the most wonderful place to be ...

ONETRUTH: Oh, shut up.

MOLLYMAE: Ok, it could be better [Looks at Nick] but hey, good conversation, all the time in the world, plenty of entertainment in the orb ... What more can anyone want?

PLAYER3: To be alive. Doh.

MOLLYMAE: Ah, well, that ...

*** Suddenly, a thunder is heard. The three are shrinked and swept away in a corner. A dark figure appears ***


PLAYER3: Whooooaaaaahhhh! A dragon.

PLAYER1: Awwwwwww. A dragon.

PLAYER2: *Pause*. Will you two get it together? *Unpause*

PLAYER2: Well, we’ve entered a thing called Dungeon and then ...

*** A short recollection of their adventures makes the Dragon frown. ***


PLAYER1: What is he talking about?

PLAYER3: I don’t know but I don’t like the sound of it. Remember that warning about Dragons.

PLAYER2: Yeah, they don’t look so scary upclose, but still I don’t like it.

PLAYER1: Could we just pause him?

*** Player 2 hits PAUSE ***

PLAYER2: I guess we can try to load an earlier save or something?

PLAYER3: Did you save?

PLAYER2: Lemme check. Ah, just one. After the Baddies BTSC thingie.

PLAYER1: And did we break any rules before that?

PLAYER3: I don’t know.

PLAYER2: Neither do I.


PLAYER1: Whaaaaat?

PLAYER3: Did you hit pause?

PLAYER2: I did. See. It doesn’t work here. Crap.


PLAYER3: Quick, stop the computer.

PLAYER1: Whaaaaat?

PLAYER2: I’m doing it. I’m doing it now.


Posted by: onetruth Jan 26 2011, 09:01 PM
lol...Nice araver. Very nice.

Posted by: Hirkala Jan 26 2011, 09:20 PM
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! THAT WAS AWESOME!!! I laughed a LOT at that!!! Especially the Izzy and Phaze part! You should definitely write more of these!!! biggrin.gif

Posted by: _araver Jan 26 2011, 09:28 PM
Thank you both. biggrin.gif

It felt good writing it too.

Posted by: GMaster479 Jan 26 2011, 10:33 PM
Hilarious...though...I really wanted to ban them. Oh well. Very well done

Posted by: _Fox Jan 26 2011, 10:45 PM
Haha awesome biggrin.gif Except for the fact that we were given away as baddies at the end :T Mumblegrumble.

Posted by: Phaze Jan 26 2011, 10:56 PM
It appears the goodies have fallen upon hard times, It appears to be the day as three people have died. Unless they lynch right the goodies are done for. I might suspect that the secret Indy Wincon is to win instead of the baddies if at least one of then survives and the baddies would have won. So today I suggest we should try to lynch Araver and then kill Maurice tonight.

Posted by: EDM Jan 27 2011, 05:38 AM That was AMAZING!!! biggrin.gif

Posted by: _araver Jan 27 2011, 07:04 AM
QUOTE (Phaze @ Jan 27 2011, 04:56 AM)
It appears the goodies have fallen upon hard times, It appears to be the day as three people have died. Unless they lynch right the goodies are done for.  I might suspect that the secret Indy Wincon is to win instead of the baddies if at least one of then survives and the baddies would have won. So today I suggest we should try to lynch Araver and then kill Maurice tonight.

1) Yeah, it looks inconsistent a little laugh.gif I originally thought about it being night and wrote it like that. So let's say one RID Kill got through and that two goodies died night 1. Hence, the events happen N2. Hope that fixes it.
2) The Indy WinCon is shrouded in mystery, but that's a very nice suggestion
3) Your suggestion is noted ... However one of the goodies actually killed you before you could vote tongue.gif

@GM, Fox and EDM - thank you biggrin.gif

@GM - I could not anticipate your decision and the story finishes before you say it, so it could be that the last line is sarcastic and it's a ban after all

@Fox - laugh.gif All baddie BTSC is eventually outed tongue.gif

@EDM - Sorry for keeping you out of the story, but you were inactive for a while, so you were not on my initial list of players currently playing. Plus, I ran out of Goodies near the end. Could have made you a gray character instead.
I promise I'll make it up next time I write a story biggrin.gif

Same for those that did not make it in this one.

Posted by: EDM Jan 27 2011, 07:16 AM
Are you kidding?! I don't care whether I'm in the story or not....I just like the funnies in the story!!! And wow, did I laugh!
I also loved the fact that player 1 was fascinated with blue! biggrin.gif

Posted by: EDM Jan 27 2011, 07:16 AM
Stupid double post! dry.gif

Oh...I also loved the roles you wrote for them! It made me laugh the most! laugh.gif laugh.gif

Posted by: Molly Mae Jan 27 2011, 01:00 PM
Whoa, whoa...wait a minute.

There's an east exit to the Baddie BTSC?

Posted by: onetruth Jan 27 2011, 01:57 PM
It's actually southeast. It leads to Florida.

Posted by: Molly Mae Jan 27 2011, 04:09 PM
QUOTE (onetruth @ Jan 27 2011, 12:57 PM)
It's actually southeast. It leads to Florida.

I'm from there.

(Quality poster,

Posted by: Zaphod Jan 27 2011, 04:24 PM
Hirk is blatantly the baddie. Why else would OT be dead? He had to get to her before the onions matured.

Speaking of onions, Phaze, why can't you be more like a cake?

Posted by: _araver Jan 27 2011, 04:47 PM
@EDM - DnD idea comes from Glycereine. Roles come from there (Game Ideas), Molly Mae and I also wrote some roles. Then I saw some similarities to us, Hirk confirmed I'm not completely hence the story. The rest of the story is (loosely) based on recent actual events. I did a short-story and did not flesh the characters out.

@MM - I had to give E, W, N, S pointers. I selected that arbitrarily tongue.gif
Or what OT says biggrin.gif

@Izzy - huh.gif

Posted by: Zaphod Jan 27 2011, 05:33 PM
So plant the seed? You've sowed worse things before.

Posted by: _araver Jan 27 2011, 05:35 PM
@Izzy, Phaze - This is your way of letting me know I was right when I wrote the story right?
You are unbelievable.

Posted by: Zaphod Jan 27 2011, 05:41 PM
QUOTE (_araver @ Jan 27 2011, 04:35 PM)
@Izzy, Phaze - This is your way of letting me know I was right when I wrote the story right?
You are unbelievable.

Phaze and I are in the middle of...

Posted by: Phaze Jan 27 2011, 06:22 PM
@Araver You know only the half of it...

Posted by: Phaze Jan 27 2011, 06:46 PM
@Izzy I didn't mean it like that, but I'll keep in mind that is how you perceive things for future reference

Posted by: Zaphod Jan 27 2011, 07:04 PM
QUOTE (Phaze @ Jan 27 2011, 05:46 PM)
@Izzy I didn't mean it like that, but I'll keep in mind that is how you perceive things for future reference

It would depend on the tides, of course.

Posted by: EDM Jan 28 2011, 05:54 AM
@ araver: that's how.....either way, it was great!!!

Another for all the inspirations and contributors....biggrin.gif

Posted by: sparrowhawk Jan 28 2011, 01:17 PM
Great story araver! I was trying to avoid this forum so as not to "waste" time, but I saw my moniker when I was looking for something else, so I had to give it a glance.
QUOTE (Zaphod @ Jan 27 2011, 04:24 PM)
Speaking of onions, Phaze, why can't you be more like a cake?

I think he should be more like parfait. biggrin.gif

Posted by: Segul Jan 30 2011, 05:34 PM
Can I be involved in one, it would me feel like I belonged sad.gif

Posted by: Zaphod Jan 30 2011, 05:44 PM
I think you and your buddies might be the anon players.. tongue.gif

Posted by: Segul Feb 2 2011, 06:20 PM
Maybe so.

Posted by: _araver Feb 2 2011, 06:24 PM
I will write the roles more clear the next time.

@Segul - As time passes, and you speak in Mafias, and we get to know you better, you'll definitely find yourself involved in a story

Posted by: Segul Feb 3 2011, 05:21 PM
I wish I could make one but I don't know enough about people on here unsure.gif

Posted by: Aaryan Jul 5 2011, 10:11 AM
I want to make one but I have no theme...

Posted by: Brandonb Jul 5 2011, 03:53 PM
I LOVE these stories!

Though I'm starting to sense a theme about how others view me...

Posted by: araver Jan 28 2017, 06:15 AM
I can't believe it's been 6 years.

I need to bump/write another one.

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