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May 7 2011, 10:18 PM
King Arthur - King of the Britons, King Arthur has the power to do most anything. (Thinking different affect depending on who he targets.) So something like gets to choose his action from any of the other players roles, but can’t pick the same one twice and can only pick it twice? Can pick from a dead player’s role as well. Pick by stating role or occupant of role (I want Knight Who Says Ni/ I want Izzy’s role.) Speech impairment: Can never say the word three? (He’d say five).

Sir Lancelot the Brave - Will not go down without a fight. If he is lynched, the first person who voted for him without changing their vote since will go down with him (or something like that.)
Can trap a player for a night/day cycle.

Sir Robin the-not-quite-as-brave-as-Sir-Lancelot – Each Night he follows one person, scared to be alone. He sees any visitors which this person has had.

Sir Galahad the (Is it Pure?) – Using his innocent charm, he can ask someone to make their vote 0x, 1x or 2x?

Sir Bedevere the (Wise, is it?) - Using his flawless deductive skills, he uses logical reasoning to determine the role of one person each night. Spy is good.

Sir Does-not-appear-in-this-mafia - A computer-controlled role who does not have a vote or a night action, cannot die, and cannot speak. Where the baddy WinCon is concerned, he does not count as a goodie. He will not be given the Holy Hand Grenade nor will he be the knight which the police must trap. A NPC mafia member.

Patsy - Faithful servant of King Arthur, possesses the rare and powerful Migratory Coconuts. Each night he can follow one person, clip-clopping his coconuts, behind them, ensuring their success.

Tim - A mighty sorceror skilled in the ways of fire, he uses his skills to halt the actions of someone each day/night cycle. His staff, which has solar panels, will not recharge until the end of a day. Can either choose to block a person at night or to block a vote during the day. Cannot choose both on the same cycle.

The Peasant: Annoys someone talking about government until they go into a temporary coma. 10% chance of killing themselves, 5% chance of killing the Peasant.


The Black Beast of Arrrggghhh – The name’s actually a misnomer. He’s really quite green. RID Kill?

The Bunny - May only be killed by the Holy Hand Grenade, which is given randomly to one (goodie? knight? Person beside bunny?) each night, giving them an RID kill, the target of which does not have to be the bunny.

The Black Knight: Takes two kills/lynches to kill him. (Possible Indy?)

The Witch - Each night may turn someone into a newt. They will not get better until the beginning of the next night, blocking them from talking during the day.

The Knights Who say "Ni!" - Sends someone on impossible missions, redirecting them. (Possible Indy?)

The Old Man from Scene 24: When targeted, he asks his targeter three questions. They have a __% chance of getting easy ones, __% chance of getting hard ones. If they get hard ones, which they are incapable of answering, they are Cast into the Gorge of Eternal Peril.

The Police: Searching for the Knight who killed the historian, whom is randomly selected (Amongst the knights, including the Black Knight and the Knights who say Ni; Lancelot, Arthur, Galahad, Bedevere, Robin, Black Knight, Knights Who Say Ni) whom is randomly selected, they have a trap.

Roles in particular that are definitely not finalized: Old Man from Scene 24, King Arthur, Peasant, the Black Knight, the Black Beast of Arggghhh, the Peasant, Sir Lancelot.

Concerning the Holy Hand Grenade: Should the target have to be the bunny? Should the Holy Hand Grenade continue to be distributed after the bunny's death? If the target doesn't have to be the bunny, then it would be interesting to let it be distributed to the baddies as well.

Not quite so fond of percentage-based things, myself.

Note: King Arthur can have a numbered vote as three
( 1. A - voting for B
2. B - voting for C
3. D- voting for F)
Apr 15 2011, 02:50 PM
We all get bored with the old mafia setup. baddies with a spy, a night kill, and an RID or two. Savers and redirecters mixed in. An indy with a random ability. Here we can post role ideas, role combinations to make things interesting, and maybe change some roles around a bit..... And hopefully hosts consider these roles before they write mafias. Remember, guide can be found here, and it does have some roles which aren't often used. http://forum.mafiamaniac.net/index.php?sho...3&st=0&#entry49

Lemme start.

New Roles:

Vampire: I read the original Dracula by Bram Stoker. In this book, someone bitten by a vampire became a vampire only if they died after infected. If the vampire who infected them died before they did, they would not become a vampire when they died.
It's an interesting alternative to the viral/converter role. The problem would be that a "half-life" would have to be established, as, as far as the voting poll was concerned, new vampires would either be outed as what they were, or listed as dead. See the old Lore Mafia I: Dracula thread for a little bit of discussion. Commentary on this would be appreciated.

EDM and I used one of these in maFBIa. It was the Inside Man's Old Partner, who had a spy role until Inside Man died, after which he went on a murderous rampage (spy replaced with kill... or was it an RID kill?) Basically, its where a role has a 'dormant' power that doesn't activate until something happens; a certain day or night, the death of someone, someone's trapped.

Role Combination:
Reality morpher and observer role. See guide for these. Observer role has to make a bet, and Reality Morpher has to make him lose. They're both indies kind of watching the game and eating popcorn, not doing much directly. Their votes could probably be weighted 0.

Role Considerations:
None yet
Apr 7 2011, 11:31 AM
Here one can make a tribute: a little bit of writing, in honor of something or someone, fictional or real. I will start. An accompanying picture would be best.

The Weighted Companion Cube. WHY'D YOU HAVE TO DIE????? http://www.mafiamaniac.net/img/Smilies/cry.gif

Dobby, a free elf. Bellatrix will pay for what she did.

Chewbacca. It took an entire moon to crush you.
Jan 16 2011, 10:29 PM
Simply you say something funny beginning with, "Since I started playing mafia" If you post more than one at the same time, feel free to do it the same way I am.

Since I started playing mafia......

I never cross a street without looking both ways, behind me, and up.

I feel obligated to explain my every action. Even going to the bathroom.

I've started compiling gameplay personality profiles on all my friends and classmatea.

I've come to appreciate my life more and more.

Now you try http://img821.imageshack.us/img821/5719/winkj.gif
Oct 26 2010, 09:16 PM
The Lore is in chaos..... stories long finished are being unwritten, their delicate threads unraveling. But these threads do not stay apart, but reform in new patterns, reborn. This is one such story, a terrifying tale abundant with horror and suspense, Dracula. And so begins our story....

WinCon: Eliminate Baddies
Jonathan Harker: Driven to the brink of insanity by his experiences in Castle Dracula, he cannot differentiate between friend and foe. At night he enters a murderous rage, hunting for the vampire he so despises.

Mina Harker: Fiancée of Jonathan Harker. In charge of the journals and letters which provide the band with information, she can add to the night post.

Doctor Seward: A psychiatrist, he is a trained physician. He can use this skill to save one person each night. However, he cannot cure vampiric infection, so if he saves someone from Marishka, they are infected.

Quincey Morris: An adventurous american, and a man of action. He takes in upon himself to make sure that his friends are truly dead, and can stake one body each day.

Arthur Holmwood: Heir to the title of Lord Godalming. With his rank comes power, and he can make any vote count for x0 or x2.

Abraham Van Helsing: Very knowledgeable in the ways of the vampire, he uses his various means to prevent one vampire or foolhardy friend from acting each night.

Lucy Westenra: Sleepwalks, coming across at least one person each night. In the morning she recalls her journey, and learns one person's role from it (spy)

NO BTSC, no nightkill, but Aleera's spy is PMed to all Baddies.
Wincon: Become majority (dead-vampires don't count towards total or Baddy amount)
Dracula: Lord of the vampires, and quite smart, he infects one person each night.

Marishka: Feistiest of the vampire sisters, she can hardly control her hunger. Can kill each night.

Aleera: The smartest of the sisters, she sneaks around each night, learning one person's role.

Verona: Enjoys playing around with people. Uses her hypnotic abilities to redirect one person each night.

Wincon: Absorb the life (kill) of three people.
Renfield: Lunatic under the care of Doctor Seward. He is, however, smart. Each day plans his night-time activities. Renfield is offered one previously determined (randomly) action and the opportunity to get a different random ability (which could be the same). If he chooses the random one, then he is told at night. If Doctor Seward dies, he escapes and the first option, previously random, becomes a kill.

My thoughts so far: Baddies might be a little overpowered, but I'm not sure. Renfield's ability is like "You can take the $100, or whatever is behind curtain #2!"

Also not sure what sort of abilities dead-vampires should have, and need to explain the whole infection thing. Its like a conversion that only takes place when whoever is infected dies, but they do not keep their abilities, but are given the Dead-vampire ability (whatever that will be) and are listed as dead on the roster.
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