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Sep 17 2016, 04:06 PM
I wanna host something, so let's do this!

Baddies. BTSC, Group NK. Wincon: Outnumber the goodies.
1) Block.
2) Vanilla.

Goodies. Wincon: Lynch the baddies.
1) Spy.
2) Save.
3) Vanilla.
4) Vanilla.
5) Vanilla
6) Vanilla

NP shows successful saves only. Baddies do not get a success/fail result on their block.
Tie lynch = no one dies. Baddies win if they enter a day phase in a 2-on-2 scenario with no lynch to be followed by kill.

Host: IAWY

You wake up in a dark room....
Nov 26 2015, 08:45 PM
Not sure if this quite the right section (I never am haha), but I have a new question for y'all!

What, in your opinion, is your favorite post or posts by X player throughout their entire history of playing Mafia here on MM? You can give your favorites for any number of players, I'm just curious to see what people consider to the be the best, or the funniest, or the strongest logically, or the biggest scumbluff, etc.

Nov 24 2015, 08:47 PM
Baddie. Wincon: Eliminate the goodies.
1) Kill.

Goodies. Wincon: Lynch the baddie.
1) Spy.
2) Vanilla.
3) Vanilla.
4) Vanilla.

Tie lynch = no one dies. Baddie wins if they enter a day phase in a 1-on-1 scenario with no lynch to be followed by kill.

I'm a bit bored waiting for the main lanes to start (and QFTP finished but hasn't been archived yet, so I hope I'm not stepping outside of my bounds by posting this beforehand) so I decided to learn how to be a host for a little bit with a Small Basic Mafia. http://mafiamaniac.org/smile/popcorn.gif
Nov 3 2015, 07:47 PM
Circle of Life (and Death) Mafia is a game designed for 12-21 players. The theme of the game is "Survival of the Fittest".

The concept of the game arose from concerns about my last idea posted, that being the concept of "Den Survivor" - a Den Mafia-styled version of the forum-popular Survivor ORGs. I've been kicking around the thought of the main theme for awhile and decided to connect the two. Thus, it is, to an extent, a "halfway" between traditional Den Mafia and my concept for Den Survivor.

There are a total of [up to] seven three-man factions, representing different animal families. Depending on the number of players, not all factions may be used, and which ones are is randomly determined. Each player is assigned a role from the factions in play and a "prey" role they must "hunt" as it's "predator", not necessarily by killing them directly, but outlasting them by surviving in the game longer. Once a player dies, the player who was their predator inherits their prey (Example: Player A's prey is Player B, Player B's is Player C, and Player C's is Player D. Player B dies/is lynched, and so Player A now inherits Player C as their prey, leaving no players prey, a predator, or being doubled-up on). No two players are assigned to hunt the same prey, and with one exception mentioned later, no two players are assigned to hunt each other. Hence, the game revolves around "Circles", the circles of life, and who can manage to make it to the top of the food chain.

There are a total of three "Circles", comprising between 4-7 players (depending on the number of players). One role from each faction is represented within each circle. Players are informed as to which role is their prey, but not which player it belongs to. They are also not informed of who their predator is, but they are informed of the faction to which they belong. Each player has the immediate wincon to outlast their assigned prey, but their primary wincon is to ultimately be the last player standing within their circle. Once a circle comes down to one player, that player is considered to be an apex species, and leaves the game with a win. Because there are three circles, there are therefore three winners.

Players are awarded points for each prey and predator they outlast (Example: Player A's prey is Player B, Player B's is Player C. If Player A and Player C die, Player B scores a point for both, but if Player C is hunting Player D, Player D is hunting Player E, and Player E is hunting Player A, then Player B doesn't receive any points if Player D and Player E die before Player A and Player C do). A player can, at minimum, receive two points (one at F3, and one at F2), and at maximum, N players in circle -1 (so for a 7-person circle, a player could receive, at maximum, 6 points, provided every player who dies within their circle is either their prey or their predator). At the end of the game, the winner with the most points is considered to be at the top of the food chain, and gets extra rep points. If there is a tie between two or all three of the winners, no extra rep points are given.

Each player is also further divided into BTSC groups, with the number of BTSCs and players within depending on the player count (12 = 3 groups of 4; 15 = 3 groups of 5; 18 = 3 groups of 6; 21 = 4 groups of 5, with one player starting out BTSC-less and joining the first BTSC to lose a member). Players may find their prey or predator to be within their BTSC at start, and if not then very quickly so as the game progresses. However, each BTSC to host a winner gains a rep point for all players within (so up to 3 if all three winners happen to be from the same BTSC), so BTSCs are encouraged to work together to ensure that one of their players is a winner. Each faction that hosts a winner also receives a rep point for all members (if all three winners come from the same faction, they receive an extra 4th rep point), so players have to make the choice whether to go faction-strong or BTSC-strong, as both will eventually conflict.

Each faction features a role with a block, one with a trap, and one with a save. Each player also has access to a kill and spy and can forgo their role ability to use one, but not twice in a row. (Example: N1-Block, N2-Block, N3-Kill, N4-Block, N5-Spy, N6-Block, etc.). Each BTSC also has an ODTG Lynch Save that they can use on any of their members, provided that the majority of living players votes to approve it.

The factions and roles are as follows:

Lion - The King of the Savannah, it's roar is amplified by bowing low to the ground, immobilizing any animal that hears it out of sheer terror. (Block)
Housecat - Even other animals can't resist the allure of watching cute cat videos on YouTube all night. And all day, too! (Trap)
Bengal Tiger - Bengal tigers are endangered, yo! They use their standing within the community to influence others to think the same about other species. (Save)

Coyote - Coyotes travel in packs and almost never attack on their own, so when you see one, you know you need to run the other direction because more will follow. (Block)
Wolf - Wolves are as beautiful as they are deadly. See one and you have a 50/50 chance of being allured by their sight or running for your life for hours, not knowing whether they're still just behind you. (Trap)
Fox - Foxes are elusive, and they can weave their way in and out of situations with surprising speed. Having a nine-tailed fox watch over you also tends to scare others away. (Save)

Chimpanzee - Chimps are highly adaptable, able to change their approach to situations in order to keep their target distracted. (Block)
Gorilla - Gorillas are large, strong, and their charge, if it doesn't scare the daylight out of you, can seriously knock you up and leave you out cold. (Trap)
Baboon - Haha, Baboons have funny butts. They are superheroes in the local community, using their butts to bash predators away. (Save)

Seal - Once you seal, it's a done deal. They can follow their targets on land or sea to make sure they can't escape. (Block)
Humpback Whale - Humpbacks are big enough to swallow animals whole and leave them there for days on end. Or just one, we hope. (Trap)
Dolphin - Their ability to echolocate helps them find where the danger is at and gives them the advantage to stop it before it even presents itself. (Save)

Horse - Don't stand to close to a horse, or it may kick you in the head and knock you out. Or poop on you. You don't want either. (Block)
Zebra - Contrary to popular belief, Zebras are actually horses that just got out of prison. Where you're now headed, because they're also jailers now. (Trap)
Mule - Mules are so accustomed to carrying large weights that they can step in between a predator and its prey and stop it from doing anything due to the sheer number of things it's carrying with it. (Save)

Koala - Maybe Koalas are good at blocking? http://mafiamaniac.org/smile/shrug.gif (Block)
Kangaroo - Kangaroos love to box. They should be box-makers. But instead they spend their time knocking others out cold. (Trap)
Platypus - The platypus just looks weird. What are they, a duck? A beaver? Are they even a marsupial? (The answer is no, by the way) All anyone knows is that they have a penchant for showing up and saving the day no matter what the situation is. (Save)

Chicken - Why did the chicken cross the road? In order to amass a large army of fellow chickens and prevent anyone else from doing the same, duh! (Block)
Penguin - One minute you're enjoying a nice day, the next you're in the Arctic. How will you get home! (Trap)
Swan - Some say that swans sing a song before they die. It's so beautiful that even the manliest of animals stop and shed a tear in memorial. Now, if they used that ability and sang for those who were living... (Save)

In addition to the above, there is also a secret indy role that is assigned to one of the above roles, in addition to their main role. If the player carrying this secret role manages to become the last member of their circle, the game ends immediately, with or without the other winners being able to present themselves, and their faction and BTSC do not get extra rep points. They also have a secret ability. If the indy is spied, they will appear as their originally-assigned faction, and are otherwise indistinguishable from a normal player.
Oct 27 2015, 01:53 AM
So I've been watching a lot of Survivor lately, on account of the new season. I also recently subbed into a game wherein a day phase seemed to play out exactly like a Survivor Tribal Council. This got me thinking: What if there was some sort of "Den Survivor" like we have Den Mafia here. So I thought I'd lay out an idea.

Take any 10+ even number of players, have them all be on one "tribe" (the main game thread). As this is not a traditional Mafia game, it would play in a slightly different manner:

The game starts in a Day Phase. During the day phase, which resembles a Tribal Council setting, players would lobby for or against voting out players through lynches. No votes actually take place during the Day Phase as it is primarily meant for discussion, heated debates, and delicious drama (http://mafiamaniac.org/smile/popcorn.gif).

Once the day phase ends, the Night Phase starts. This represents each player going up to the voting booth and casting their vote. There would be no discussion in the main thread during this time, and at the conclusion of the night and start of the next day, the votes would be tallied and the player votes out would be "asked to leave", joining ghosties.

Every player would be an Other Faction individual player, with the wincon to make it to the Final 2/3, wherein they would have a chance to be the Sole Den Survivor of the game. How they accomplish this is really up to the strategic and social abilities of each player, as alliances can quickly form, fade, betray and be betrayed, and you have to Outwit, Outlast, and Outplay to make it to the end.

After a certain number of players is reached (any number from everyone to 7/9 depending on if it's a F2 or F3, respectively), the game turns to the Jury Phase. From this point on, every player votes out becomes part of the Jury, and is relegated to a specific BTSC wherein they can community with their fellow Jurors to ultimately decide at the end of the game who should become the Sole Den Survivor. Any pre-jurors would just receive ghosties and watch the entire game unfold, but without any additional participation until the end.

I envision three different MVPs going out: One to crown the Sole Den Survivor, as chosen by the jury; One to crown the most strategic non-finalist (the actual MVP in terms of definition), as chosen by the Host(s); and One to crown "MafiaManiac's Favorite", as chosen by everyone in the game. The latter would be given on the basis of plurality, not majority (whoever has the most votes for them, and then a recite if tied, and then a co-title without MVP if tied again).

During Night phases, while players are casting their votes, they may also request a BTSC with a player. If that player also requests a BTSC with them that night, they will receive BTSC communication for the following day phase, which will then be archived the following night and transferred to the ghosties BTSC. Players can request any number of BTSCs and can specify more than one player (all players involved much mutually request BTSC with every player involved), up to the upper half of the current participating players (meaning that at 7 players, for example, because half of 7 is 3.5, a player could request a BTSC with up to three other players, for a total of 4/7 of the current players). This is so that as the game dwindles down, alliances and close-knit pacts become more important, as a 5-man alliance would have to cut somebody out of the BTSC once it came down to 8 players. Who really becomes important to you and your alliance? Who's on the bottom?

How exactly the above will work with limited BTSC space, I don't know, though if it wasn't outside the realm of possibility that mods could make certain threads invisible except to those with special access permission, that could be parlayed somewhat as long as the Host(s) was/were diligent in making sure payers didn't receive access to BTSCs they were privy to "overhearing".

Ultimately, there can only be one Sole Den Survivor, and the question is: Will it be you?

Fun ideas for varying games:

Outcast twist - Votes out players receive a non Ghosties BTSC of their own, where they can communicate like a jury. Once a certain number of players are voted out, one or two players are votes out of the main thread, while two previously votes out players are simultaneously voted back in via the votes of their fellow "outcasts". The remaining players, along with the newly-votes out players, then join ghosties.

Everyone's a Juror - Pretty much self-explanatory. Ghosties is itself turned into Jury Central, and each player ultimately votes for the winner at the end.

Multi-Tribe - more like a regular game of Survivor, the players are randomly split into two or more tribes, with each tribe independent and hidden from the other. Each phase they vote someone out until the merge and jury phase starts, where they combine into a/the main thread, continuing as normal above.

Immunity - Each night phase, players vote for someone other than themselves to receive immunity the following day. The player with the highest number of votes receives immunity from being votes out the next day. In the case of a tie between two people, they both receive immunity. Three or more and nobody receives immunity.

First Impressions - The game starts in the night phase, as each player is instructed to immediately vote someone out without being able to talk with each other. Player with the plurality of votes is then eliminated first.

Exile Island - During the night, players vote to send someone to Exile Island. this is equivalent to being trapped in a normal Mafia game. They cannot speak, vote, or be votes for. Any mutual BTSCs they request will not go through. If they were mutually request into a 3+-person BTSC, it will still go through, but they will not be present.

1-10 - Because I'm blanking on the actual name for this, basically everybody lays out a 1-X ranking of all the other players in the game, with 1 being the highest and X the lowest. Whoever has the highest collective score will be eliminated. Provides much more hilarity and need for strategy considering where you place someone could determine if an ally or a rival - or even yourself - is votes out next.


Okay, so what do you think? Any thoughts would be appreciated, even if it's just an "this is never going to happen because X and Y" from the mods. http://mafiamaniac.org/smile/lol.gif I understand that survivor can potentially become more personal than regular Mafia, and if that may become too big a problem than I understand if this idea's already dead in the water from the start. But I've been thinking about it a lot, and I wanted to share it regardless, so here it is!

If there's any concepts that could be added, changed or explained in more depth/more clearly, let me know and I do my best to figure out things.

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