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 Poems and Songs, What have the Mafianiacs written?
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  Posted Jun 25 2013, 11:46 PM
I have looked and couldn't find a thread for poems and songs that have people have written. So here is a thread for people to share their poems and songs.

I have had this song stuck in my head for a couple of weeks now, and I can't seem to get anymore lyrics then what I am going to post at the moment. I can also hear the music, but that has the same issues as the words...

(1st stanza/chorus?)
They say when two lovers meet
They make a special harmony
Until tonight I’ve never felt the beat
That was meant for you and me.

I’m a rock star tonight
As we’re walking down the street
Baby, with you by my side all night
The music’s never been so sweet.

I really want to finish it, but it just isn't coming to me.

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Small yet raging fierce
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(From the Ashes)
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  Posted Jun 29 2013, 12:39 AM
"The Panda Song"

[First Verse]
Remember when we were kids
Looking at a moving black and white box
Saying, "I hope we can find the lid,
because living inside of it would seem like it rocks."

Well, here I am to tell you that it isn't great.
I'd rather be back to when we were young and dumb.
Well, here I am to tell you that I won't wait
for you, because my entire body's numb.

[Second Verse]
And now it feels like my body's been aching for so long now
That, now, I can barely stand.
But, you. You are still young. I don't know how,
How you can't see the bones in your own hand.

You tell me all about "The Panda Song"*
But other things are swimming through my head.
I wonder, "Where am I?" "What year is it?" and "How long?"
"Have I been asleep or braindead?"

Oh, where's my mother, so I can tell her where I've gone?
Oh, where's my brother, so I can tell him he was wrong?

[Third Verse]
I see the happiness in your eyes as you ramble on.
But all my questions are still unanswered.
Your eyes, they darken as the real world suddenly dawns
Then they turn into a rage, sadly uncensored.

Mad as though I was telling an embarrassing secret.
However, everyone heard it, as far as I knew.
You sang yourself "The Panda Song"* to try to forget.
While I frantically asked everyone, "What did I do?"

Oh, where's my father, so I can tell him what I've done?
Oh, where's my lover, so I can sing her this song?
Oh, where's my mother, so I can tell her where I've gone?
Oh, where's my brother, so I can tell him he was wrong? [2x]

*"The Panda Song" is a reference my younger sister gave to the song "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas. This reference has no relation to this song, whatsoever, though. I thought it would fit nicely, though, so there it is.

I am still working on some chords for it on guitar as well as piano, though.

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so uh im gonna promote my band just for the memes. check out my soundcloud lmao. what am i doing with my life

Yo, check out my band and our new single, "Imaginary Friends"!
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  Posted Jun 29 2013, 02:28 AM
A poem I wrote in January (which I also adapted into a song a few months later), inspired by a close friend:


A love so pure, a love so fine
A love so broken by fate and time
A broken heart can break the soul
A broken soul destroys the whole

Myself a shell is what I've become
A shell whose heart still beats like drums
And in that beat the heart still yearns
For what it lost but never earned

A love so perfect, a love so grand
A shame it lost it's will to stand
So now my shell has come to see
That a love so perfect could never be

A love so pure can break the heart
And a broken heart tears love apart
So here's to love, so pure and fine
To love, so broken by fate and time

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