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Mafia is that party game you may have played, where there is a mafia (informed minority) trying to overtake an entire village and the villagers (uninformed Majority) are trying to stop them. We play these mafia games over several days in our forum and we have people from all over the world playing them. These mafia games can be themed from movies, real life situations and almost anything you can think of! Mafia involves a lot of creative strategy, making you think on your toes. You'll be forced trust your gut, check your logic, and deceive or be deceived. If you think you can handle playing, here are a few links you should definitely check out.

- Unreality's Official Guide to Mafia
- Site Rules
- Our Wiki

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Mar 4 2016, 11:34 AM
We've been screwed in the past by multiple presidents. Are you able to prove that your pick will be the best for the job. Now you can speak your peace on the one you like/hate the most.
Let er' rip! http://mafiamaniac.org/smile/XD.gif
Jan 1 2016, 04:05 PM
Happy Birthday to Cube.
Jul 1 2015, 02:49 PM
All members will now have a chance to nominate and vote for their own favorite MM smilie/emoticon of this site only. None from other sites are allowed to be in this. We have accumulated dozens over the years and want to see which is loved the most. That said, we will accept these nominations until the end of the month from member accounts only, and you may 2nd and 3rd etc. We will get to the top ten and narrow it down in July. For now you are welcome to post your most desired for the best of best.

You may start now and I will see about help to keep track of how many noms. Voting poll begins in August. Look them all over and please make a careful decision. This is for all members and enjoy. http://mafiamaniac.org/smile/XD.gif
Jan 30 2015, 05:02 PM
This game is restarting! http://mafiamaniac.org/smile/biggrin.gif As before, we will have 3 lists of players. 1 for posting pics, 1 for captioning the pics and of course, 1 for keeping the players scores. We will also try to take turns numerically unless someone does not post for 2 days. In that case we can skip them and go to the next player.
I will receive all captions via PM and submit to the pic poster anonymously. He/she will then decide which caption is most suitable and amusing and will rate them 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the thread. I will then match the names to the the captions of those who made them and keep score. Captions may be long sentences or short, with or without smilies from this site only. I will hope we can all take our turns without delay but we must also have at least 3 captions for the posting player to judge them. Without further ado, LET'S BEGIN AND HAVE FUN!

Each caption submitter may be late 1 time without penalty, but it is up to the judge to accept the late caption.

1. Marth
2. Jay
3. Nana http://mafiamaniac.org/smile/nahnah.gif
4. DD
5. coolkid
6. Barc?

1. Marth
2. Jay
3. Nana http://mafiamaniac.org/smile/nahnah.gif
4. DD
5. coolkid
6. Barc?
Feb 14 2014, 11:35 AM
http://mafiamaniac.org/smile/biggrin.gif Howdy! Maybe this has been mentioned before but this contains a poll as well.
As in the past we've seen droves of noobs signing up to the site and check us out for awhile then go on vacation. This idea had begun in Bden and as we know it is like a graveyard over there. I feel implementing this may keep us from going down that same path.
Game III: It would be a brief version of typical Mafia games for noobs and noob hosts only. Myself, being an inexperienced host may have a go at it to become better. We still have more players than hosts and we have oodles of noobs that come looking to play soon.
I just think this would open up doors for many that need to get started and games would be about a week or less long. A mod can oversee this forum to see it runs well. I also want feedback if possible.
TNX. for your vote and comment below if you wish. http://mafiamaniac.org/smile/biggrin.gif
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Feb 28 2018, 09:22 PM

howdo slick? hoping this gets to your page. am just learning my way around this site. know rookie is still trying a few things. faith may be what it takes. hoping at least he will bring up new forums. have you voted in the poll?
Mar 12 2012, 02:19 PM
Happy Birthday, Slick!
Keep being awesome!
Aug 2 2011, 06:19 PM
I was so much engrossed in mafia that I even forgot that I have a real life as well. Thanx Slick!!!!!
May 17 2011, 11:01 AM
Slick is quitting one of his jobs and with a raise and promotion, will go full time with the one that allows Mafia on the job b/c thats how life was meant to be. Hee Hee!
Apr 22 2011, 09:08 AM
Hi and thanks. :) And thanks to your Bears for beating the Cowboys :D
Sep 19 2010, 08:16 PM
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