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Jul 28 2014, 06:22 PM
Thanks to reddit http://mafiamaniac.org/smile/lol.gif , I decided to make this post for people to post their BTGs, which is basically a backstory that you make with assorted pictures leading up to the events of a .gif. You can use whatever you want for the pictures, whether they be hand-drawn, stock photos with captions, or crappy MS Paint drawings like mine before.

Here's some examples I made:


Have Fun! http://mafiamaniac.org/smile/biggrin.gif
Jul 22 2013, 10:44 AM
An idea that I'm not sure will work:

[color=Cyan][/color]There are seven days left for you until the world ends. Can you save yourself?

(Player 1) (WinCon - RID Kill Player 2, RID List Players 2, 3, and 4)
(Player 2) (WinCon - RID Kill Player 3, RID List Players 3, 4, and 5)
(Player 3) (WinCon - RID Kill Player 4, RID List Players 4, 5, and 6)
(Player 4) (WinCon - RID Kill Player 5, RID List Players 5, 6, and 7)
(Player 5) (WinCon - RID Kill Player 6, RID List Players 6, 7, and 8)
(Player 6) (WinCon - RID Kill Player 7, RID List Players 7, 8, and 9)
(Player 7) (WinCon - RID Kill Player 8, RID List Players 8, 9, and 10)
(Player 8) (WinCon - RID Kill Player 9, RID List Players 9, 10, and 11)
(Player 9) (WinCon - RID Kill Player 10, RID List Players 10, 11, and 12)
(Player 10) (WinCon - RID Kill Player 11, RID List Players 11, 12, and 13)
(Player 11) (WinCon - RID Kill Player 12, RID List Players 12, 13, and 14)
(Player 12) (WinCon - RID Kill Player 13, RID List Players 13, 14, and 15)
(Player 13) (WinCon - RID Kill Player 14, RID List Players 14, 15, and 16)
(Player 14) (WinCon - RID Kill Player 15, RID List Players 15, 16, and 17)
(Player 15) (WinCon - RID Kill Player 16, RID List Players 16, 17, and 18)
(Player 16) (WinCon - RID Kill Player 17, RID List Players 17, 18, and 19)
(Player 17) (WinCon - RID Kill Player 18, RID List Players 18, 19, and 20)
(Player 18) (WinCon - RID Kill Player 19, RID List Players 19, 20, and 1)
(Player 19) (WinCon - RID Kill Player 20, RID List Players 20, 1, and 2)
(Player 20) (WinCon - RID Kill Player 1, RID List Players 1, 2, and 3)

Each player has an RID Kill and a spy.
In addition to the lynch every day, there will be a question for all living players to answer that can either lengthen the time left or shorten it.
They are Player (number) because I have yet to develop the storyline for this mafia.
Each player is an indy, which may be a problem, I dunno.
Jul 17 2013, 06:32 PM
This game is going to be like the original game from "Whose Line Is It Anyways?"
You can provide as many one-liners as you can to the scene described and you don't have to go in any particular order. For each line to fit the scene, you get one point (but they don't matter). The person that does the most one liners get to choose the next scene for people to act out. 48 hours after the scene was said should be a good enough time for people to get something in.

First scene: First drafts of famous movie lines.

You have until Friday at 6:30 PM BT to put as many lines in that fits this scene. Good luck! http://www.mafiamaniac.net/img/Smilies/thumbsup.gif
Jul 6 2013, 02:37 PM
Episode One: "Pilot"

The Mafia Kingdom. All seemed quiet. TOO Quiet.
Inside the Great and Mighty Palace that rules the territory were four mafiosos and mafiosas. The Knowledge Queen (Shadow) was sewing herself a nice shawl. The Ex-Burger King (Vommack) was testing the weights of his Whoppers he keeps hidden for an emergency. The Forgetful Jester (Brainy) was trying to remember her act for the monarchs of the castle. Then, the Stuttering Royal Advisor (Cubie) was waiting for orders from Your Majesty by tinkering at the piano.
Suddenly, a knock on the door revealed a private investigator at the front door. "Hello," he said. "I am Frankenmew, P.I. (mew)"
"Welcome," said Brainy. "Please enter! May a call you Frank?" Frankenmew entered the castle, with everyone's heads turning to face him. The Royal Advisor stood up fast, saying, "Wait a s-second! That face looks very familiar . . . D-Dad? I thought you were d-dead!!!"
Frankenmew turned back, saying, "Who, me?" "Y-Yes, you!" replied the Royal Advisor. The Jester laughed, like any jester would, saying, "It couldn't be!"
"It doesn't add up," countered Frank. "I'm only seventeen." While the Queen's Advisor came up with a counter back, Vommack stepped up, asking, "Well, Mr. Frankenmew, are there any cases that happened to bring you here?" Cube unexpectedly yelled, " D-Did someone go g-grave d-digging?!?"
No one seemed to hear him, though, as everyone continued their conversation, with Frank saying, "I am off duty right now. There are no cor- I mean, cases, for now." Vomm was relieved, saying, "Oh, good. For a moment, I thought you found m- I mean, well, I guess that means the city is safe?"
"Well," said the Queen, "are you planning to change that, Mr. Frankenmew?" Soon, though, the sound of vibrating was heard. Frank said, "Hold on a second. I have a call." He opened up his cell phone; meanwhile, the Jester whispered to Vomm, "What did you do this time?" The guard sarcastically whispered back, "I never did anything, Jester. It's not like I'm a menace like that Burger King Killer." Shadow replied, as well, saying, "Shh, Brainy, we don't want to reveal our secrets!" "What secrets?" the jester said back, "I know no secrets!! Besides, if I did, I'd forget them!"
Thankfully, Mew was too invested into his phone call, saying, "Yes . . . yes . . . the witnesses said what? Give me a report of the details and I'll take the case. Thank you. Bye." The Royal Advisor said, "W-Who was that?" Frank simply replied, "A client." Vomm said, "So, you have a case, then?" Frank replied back, saying, "Yea. Apparently, a stuttering person dressed like a Feline angel burger shot a man in the middle of a bar, then somehow tranformed into liquid and vanished . . . This is going to be an odd case."
"That's . . . extremely odd, yes," said the Knowledge Queen. "It didn't seem that s-serious or w-weird in the phone c-call?" said Cube. Brainy replied with, "I think I remember seeing someone walk out of the bar! I can't remember who, though." Vomm decided to narrow this field down. "Well," he started, "it couldn't be the Queen of Knowledge, she doesn't have a stutter, the Royal Advisor isn't a shapeshifter, the Jester wouldn't kill anyone, and I certainly didn't kill anyone. So . . . it must be YOU, Frankenmew! Take him away, boys!"
"Wait!" said the Advisor, "F-Frank is the only here though, V-Vomm! H-How can he t-take himself away?" Frankenmew denied Vomm's defense, saying, "Anyone can fake stutter, and make realistic costumes, and anyone is the killer." Vomm turned to the rest of the group, saying, "Frankenmew wasn't surprised on the phone, because he knew what happened in advance . . . BECAUSE HE DID IT!" Frank decided to respond in a more civilian manner, saying "I was surprised, but I'm the person to call with odd cases like these, so I may not have met your criteria of odd. I may not have met your criteria of surprised. This is a case I will have to figure out when I get the full report, but first, I need cookies."
"I think Mr. Frankenmew should be a guest at the royal palace while this issue is resolved." said the Knowledge Queen. "How does that sound, sweetie?" Frankenmew said, "I have to decline. While that is generous, I've already booked a hotel room."
Vomm, wanting to get Frank out of the castle, said, "Shadow, pull out the records. Is Mr. Frankenmew a registered shapeshifter?" "Cube," asked Shadow, "where are the records again?"
The Royal Advisor, however, had other plans on evidence, saying, "Then w-why did you say "This is an odd c-case"? If you knew it was odd, you wouldn't say it was odd if you are the guy for odd case? Plus, why w-would a P.I. be s-seventeen years old?" The Knowledge Queen agreed, saying, "Now that I think about it, you're rather young to be a P.I., Mr. Frankenmew.
This all seemed surprising to Frankenmew, but he replied anyways, saying, "It means it's my kind of case. Odd cases are odd even for those who are used to dealing with odd cases. And finally, I'm Frankenmew, a prodigy. That's why I'm young."
Vomm quickly said, "Hey, uh, Mr. Frankenmew . . . Why don't you look over there? I think there's a suspect." While Frank was looking in that general direction, the Knowledge Queen was whispering with her guard, saying, "We'll lock him in the dungeon so this all goes away, alright? No, wait, we'll let him stay for a few, then we lock him up."
The Jester had to leave the room for a moment, asking for the Queen's permission. She, as always, granted this permission.
Frank, being suspicious of what Vomm swas thinking, asked him, "What evidence do you have to pin that man as a suspect?" The guard said, "Well . . . he has a goatee . . ." Frank was being to wonder what was going on Vomm's head, saying, "That doesn't even fit the description!" Vomm became silent.
The Royal Advisor had something to say, though: "Now, w-why would you b-book a hotel room if y-you're initial reason for c-coming was for v-v-visiting!" "It just happened to be there," said Frankenmew, simply. Cubie couldn't accept that as an answer though, saying, "How d-did you know the case would be nearby f-for a hotel room? How did you b-book the hotel r-room?" Frank wasn't surprised at how curious the Royal Advisor was, saying, "I didn't, but the bar is, and so is my client. Plus, is the process of booking a hotel room odd to you, Cube?" The Royal Advisor backed away, saying, "This is just t-too coincidental for my t-taste." "Mine, as well, Cube," said Shadow, even though she was whispering to her guard again while Cube was trying to catch mew off guard.
"Why don't we just off the guy?" Vomm whispered to Shadow. The Knowledge Queen replied back, " It would be too obvious if we do it immediately, it'll have to be later; I'm pretty sure I can buy off the hotel chef. Or the bartender. Or both." Vomm, however, wanted Frank dead, saying, "He's clearly guilty, though." "Yes," agreed the Queen, "but we must establish it better, or kill surreptitiously."
Sadly, the Queen had to leave like the Jester for her scheduled game of laser tag with the other queens of the other lands. Her Royal Advisor and her guard both said, "Farewell, my queen." However, the former had a little stutter with saying it.
The three returned to their discussion about the crime, with Cube saying, "How did you b-book it without us n-noticing?" Frankenmew, tired with his conspiracy theories, said mockingly, "I had booked it earlier. I had a life before coming here, you know?" "Yes, well," Vomm butted in, "Mr. Frankenmew? May I see your . . . um . . . license to investigate?" Mew obliged. "Here you are," he said as the license was passed from hand to hand.
Vomm looked at the license and back at at Frankenmew, saying, "How can I be sure this isn't a fraud?" Frankenmew handed the Queen's guard another card, saying, "Here's my ID, unless you think that's fake too."
"Wait a s-second," interrupted Cube, "Y-You HAD a life? YOU ARE F-FRANKENMEW!!! Y-YOU WERE DEAD!!!" Mew denied this saying, "Just because I share the same name and genius as a dead person doesn't make me him."
Vomm came closer to Frankenmew, giving him the licenses back, saying, "Perhaps I should explain why I'm here. You see, I am a member of the Queen's personal guard." He turned to Vomm, saying, "Sire, if you do not trust me, then I suggest doing a background check." Vomm replied back, saying, "Well, we received an anonymous tip that there would be an assassination attempt today."
On the other hand, Shadow's Royal Advisor was on the verge of tears. "T-Then, w-why do look so m-much like my f-f-father?" Frank sighed. "Cube," he started, "I didn't want to tell you this now, but . . ." "A-Are you h-here to h-haunt me?" the stutterer interjected. "No," quickly replied Frank, "Your father . . . is actually . . . my brother, who is 17 years older than me." The Royal Advisor froze in place, eyes widening. "S-S-S you . . . you . . .you . . . " The P.I. nodded his head, saying, " I . . . am . . . your uncle."
Mew turned back to Vomm as though nothing happened, saying, "You think the feline angel burgur might be the skilled assassin who will pull this off?" Then, a familiar vibrating sound was heard, signalling that Frankenmew had another call. He answered it. Cube, being shocked, continued on anyways, saying, " W-Wait a second, a-aren't you a l-little young to b-be an uncle?"
Mew covered up the phone, saying to Cube, "Hold on, I'm on the phone, and no. I mean, your father was seventeen years older than me." Vomm said, "Well, that's a conveniently large gap . . ." The Royal Advisor was wondering other things, though, saying, "Also, how come I haven't seen you at any of the family get-togethers?" Mew was too invested in the phone call, though, saying, "Yes . . . you identified the victim as one of queen's guard dogs? A bar is an odd place for one to be . . . yes . . . yeah . . . okay, I'll get down to it in a bit. Alright. Bye." "W-Wait," said the stutterer, "Guard dogs? Is that N-Nox?" "Cube," began Frank, "this will have to wait. Vomm, I need to ask you some questions." Vomm was shocked and nervous, saying, " . . . Yes? . . . "
Mew began, "One of your buddies in a lower class in the guard than you. Is there one particularly fond of slacking of or drinking?" Vomm nodded, saying, "Well, now that you ask . . . yeah." Mew continued, "The incident claimed to have happened last night around 12 A.M. When did you last see him?" The guard asked, "Well, which one?" The P.I. realized, "I see, there are multiple people who fit that description?"
"We don't claim to be very good at our job, Mr. Frankenmew." answered Vomm. "Is there one," Frank continued, "that was particularly skilled?" Vomm was still confused. "Define skilled," the guard asked. A creak from the door revealed Brainy was back inside to replace Cube, who probably left to digest the information he just received. "By skilled," resumed Frank, "I mean the cream of the crop: loyal, strong, sharpshooter, etc."
"Hmm," wondered the guard. "Drunk AND skilled? Sounds like Officer H." Mew pursued on, saying, "Well, did he come in today?" Vomm quickly replied, "No."
Frank concluded, "The possibility in my head is that he's taking out the skilled guards in order to make the queen more vulnerable." Soon a high pitch whining was heard with Vomm running towards it, saying, "Hmm, perhaps you could wait a moment? This is from a higher up. Yes? Mhm, yeah, okay . . . Interesting . . . Yes . . . Yes sir. Over. Well, Mr. Frankenmew, there appears to be a new development in the assassination case." The P.I. said, "Well, if it's anything you can share, please do!"
"Well," started Vomm, "Our source has told us that the assassin is posing as a P.I. I'm going to have to ask for your full name." Frank couldn't believe it; she wasn't sure whether to believe Vomm. "How reliable is this information?" he asked. "In fact, you just saw my ID. You should know my name." Vomm understood mew's confusion, saying, "Well, if you could say it verbally?"
Frankenmew then recited his name: "Frankenmew Robert Hyde. This is ridiculous. The assassin is obviously skilled at blending, seeing as how he can make such an obscene costume." The guard called for an absent Cube, saying, "Are there any records on him?" Then, he realized he left. "Wait a second," said Frankenmew, "Is there a nearby day that the queen would need to make a public appearance?" The Queen's guard became skeptical of this, asking, "Why would you be asking . . . 'Frankenmew'?"
Mew explained himself, "Well, it would be a perfect opportunity for the assassin to strike." "Frankenmew," Vomm responded, "you're forgetting, we have reliable information that the assassination would be TODAY!" "Hmm," the P.I. wondered. "This is difficult, but the fact that you have such information meaning you have a snitch in an organized crime, meaning . . . there is more than one possible assassin."
Vomm's eyes widened as he realized Brainy lying on the ground in a sprawled out position, "You . . . YOU DID IT AGAIN!" Frankenmew was confused. "First Officer H . . . Now Brainy . . . You're not Frankenmew Robert Hyde at all, are you?!" Brainy, after a while, stopped being bored and got up, asking, "Should I check the records for a Frankenmew Robert Hyde?" The ex-Burger King simply nodded. So, the jester wandered off to check the records.
Vomm said in a low voice, "He was the only one who matched the description. "Frank"." Brainy can back to report what he found. "It said that the last person with his name died seventeen years ago."
Mew began trying to gather evidence, "How can you be sure that Officer H is dead? I never revealed the victim's identity! I only listed a possibility." Vomm pulled out a pair of guns aiming at Frank's chest. "Sorry," he said. "Queen's orders, bud." Both the P.I. and the Jester yelled out, "WAIT!"
"I was ordered to kill you, mew," said the guard. Franken was shocked, "Why would you try to kill the one guy who is actually attempting to help you?!?"
Brainy, meanwhile, whispered to Vomm, "What if he's . . . not alive? What if he's already dead?" Vomm replied back, "Too late now . . ." The guard turned to mew, saying, "Bedtime, 'Frank'" before firing his two guns at him. Mew drops dead with Brainy in shock at what he just witnessed. "We could've experimented, seeing how that was possible, Vomm!" The guard in response, said, "I'm loyal to the Queen. I'm not about to disobey her."
Frankenmew's body seemed to be moving, though. In fact, it was standing back up. The guard and jester looked up in shock. Frankenmew said, "I really didn't want you to see this." Vomm turned to Brainy, saying, "Well, looks like Brainy was right." Brainy sighed, saying, "This is what happens when you try to kill the dead!" Frankenmew was shaking his head denying this, but Vomm ignored his, asking the jester to check the records to see the relation between Frankenmew and Cube. Brainy left for the database, and returned later, saying, "Well, it would appear that Frankenmew Robert Hyde was Cube's father."
Vomm turned to face the recently resurrected Frank, saying, "You . . . you lied to him?" Frank replied with a tone of desperation in his voice, " I had to. How can you tell you Son that his father is an undead P.I. Well, not undead, persay . . ." The jester looked in surprise. "Perhaps you ought to explain that, mew," requested the guard.
"Ok," said mew, "Here's the truth: when I was born, my father was a mad scientist. He listed me as dead so he could get away with experimenting on me. He wanted to try to implement an effiecient method for the body to close it's wounds and repair itself." Vomm interrupted, "And he succeeded?"
"You be the judge Vomm. You shot me down. I went back up. Take a look at where you shot me." Mew pointed at his chest. "Anyways, while the experiment was a success, it would only work on children no older than 112 days." The guard, again, interrupted, "But you were listed dead at the age of seventeen." Frank replied, "It said 17 years ago. Wait, that number is incorrect; it's actually for no older than 17 years. I'm actually 34."
"So," said the guard, "after you had a son, you fled?" Mew looked down at the ground, saying, "Well, that experiment has . . . a small side effect that I didn't want him to see." Vomm was now intrigued, "Well, don't leave us in suspense! Tell us!" Frank looked back up to the guard, saying, "Due to the experiment generally speeding up the blood clotting proccess, my blood cells die faster than the body can make them."
The jester, now scared, looked at Frank, saying, "What will happen once you run out of blood cells?" Frankenmew turned to Brainy, saying, "I won't, as long as I drink a cup of blood every day." Now Brainy looked even more scared. "I don't know how it works . . . but my father somehow made it so blood wouldn't be digested in my stomach." A sudden idea struck Vomm with him saying, "So you did murder the guard and you drank his blood afterwards?"
"Well," the P.I. started off, "The witnesses didn't mention any blood drinking, so I can honestly say, 'No.' I'm sorry, but you have the wrong guy." Vomm, was thinking really hard, now. "Unless you returned to the scene afterwards . . . " Mew honestly replied, "The scene was taken over by the police quickly; there would be no chance to return. Vommack, I ask you to come up with evidence before you attack."
Brainy looked at Vomm shocked, "Vommack, what reason do you have for hounding Mr. Frankenmew ceaselessly? Do you have something to hide?" Vomm wasn't looking at Brainy, just straight ahead, saying in a low voice, "I was given an order, Brainy, by the Knowledge Queen. I intend to fulfill it. Anyways, you're an investigator, Frank. Of course, you had a chance to return."
"I just heard of the incident while I was with you today, Vomm, and you witnessed that with your own eyes," replied mew. It was obvious Vomm was defeated until he found some more evidence. "Brainy," he said, "I'm heading to my room." Then he whispered to Brainy, "Keep an eye on Frank for me, please." Frank called to the guard before he left, saying, "I apologize Vomm. I am not the person you are looking for. I told you my secret, and that I intend to cooperate, not hinder, you.
The jester turned to the P.I., saying, "No need to apologize, Mr. Frankenmew, especially if you are on our side." Mew thanked Brainy for her belief in his goodness. Before Brainy went after Vomm, she whispered to Frankenmew, "Watch your back. We wouldn't want you to be the next one who goes down to this murderer!"

Is Vommack right? Who is the murderer? Will Shadow win at laser tag? Find out possibly on the next episode of "Mafia Kingdoms".

Not the best writing ever, but it's a start.
Jun 28 2013, 05:37 PM
Portal Mafia

Baddies(WinCon: Gain Majority over Goodies, Indy, and Other Faction)(Has BTSC)(Group Kill, must be carried)(21)


Turret(Save, not the same target twice in a row)(1)

Rocket sentry(Role Spy)(1)

Traitorous Companion Cube(a.k.a. my evil twin)(Block, not the same target twice in a row)(3)

Goodies(Wincon:Last standing)(20.5)

Space Core(Redirect)(3.5)

Rick the Adventure Core(Block)(3.5)

Factual Core(Broadcast)(1)

Anger Core(Kill)(3)

Curiosity Core(Follow Spy)(1)

Morality Core(Save)(1.5)

Cake Core(Trap)(7)

Indy(Wincon:Kill or outlast GLaDOS, Wheatley, and 3 random Goodies)

Chell(Spy on odd nights, RID kill on even nights) (Cannot be recruited by Wheatley)

Other(Have RID Recruit)(Wincon: Outlast GLaDOS and Chell and recruit 4 players)

Wheatley(Role spy)

Appears in NP:

-Successful saves
-Factual core’s broadcast

Additional Rules:
-RID Kills are blocking. Regular Kills are not blocking.

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