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Jan 12 2018, 01:19 AM
I was thinking of a way to combine OOA and OOP to make roles more flexible/interesting. I was thinking that the night would have multiple time periods (at least 2) so when a player submitted an action, they would also indicate which time period they wanted to act. Actions within a time period would follow OOP, but the time periods would follow OOA.

Why would anyone want to act later? Well, I was thinking that in this scenario, players' actions could be altered depending on which phase they chose to act. Take a game with 2 phases, early (E) and late (L), maybe you could create roles like these:

Spy: Follow (E), Role (L)
Block: Block (E), Block + Trap (L)
Save: Save (E), Save + Lynch Save (L)
Kill: Kill (E), Kill + Faction Spy (L)

Of course, actions don't have to be similar for a player between phases, but the general idea would be that later actions are more powerful or enhanced.

Totally insane idea, or worth considering? http://mafiamaniac.org/smile/unsure.gif
Aug 13 2016, 07:58 PM
Deep Space 9 Mafia: The Maquis Strike

The oppressive occupation of Bajor has recently ended with the signing of a peace treaty between the Federation and the Cardassian Union. The treaty freed the planet Bajor and its orbiting space station, Terok Nor, and led to the exchange of colonial territories in the nearby sector of space known as the Demilitarized Zone. Though Bajor remained an independent, sovereign planet, the fledgling republic graciously accepted the Federation's protection and granted the Federation administration over the space station, which the Federation renamed Deep Space 9. Commander Benjamin Sisko took command of DS9 with Major Kira Nerys, chief liaison officer of the Bajor militia, as his second-in-command. With the discovery of a stable wormhole to the Gamma quadrant nearby, Bajor and DS9 became a hub of trade and exploration on the edge of Federation space.

Unfortunately, tensions continued to grate between the Cardassian colonists and the Federation and Bajoran settlers still living in the Demilitarized Zone. Many of the colonists from both sides refused to relocate and became residents of the other government. The former citizens of the Federation reported Cardassian ships attacking their settlements and tacitly arming the incoming Cardassian colonists. Their pleas to the Federation fell on deaf ears and they felt they had to take matters into their own hands. To fight back they formed the Maquis, a band of guerrilla fighters dedicated to striking back at the Cardassians. The Federation disavowed the rebels and under pressure from the Cardassian Union, they attempted to squash the freedom fighters/terrorists. This caused rifts within the ranks of the Federation and Starfleet, with many officers defecting to the Maquis and lending their tactical experience to advance the Maquis' cause.

Recognizing that DS9 was Starfleet's primary refueling/repair station in the sector, the Maquis decide that in order to stop the Federation from crushing the rebellion they must take drastic action. They hatch a daring plan to sabotage the space docks aboard DS9 and steal Starfleet intelligence reports in order to cripple Starfleet's capability to reinforce the sector and hunt down the Maquis. The Maquis quietly sneak a small team of operatives aboard the space station. They aim to plant explosives to destroy DS9's fuel depot, steal the intel and then escape. As many Maquis are former Starfleet officers, both sides hope to keep casualties to a minimum. Once they arrive, they hack into the Starfleet comm network and sabotage the Crews' Universal Translators, preventing them from communicating securely and garbling the identification codes so no knows who is communicating on the channel.

In a sign of good faith, a Cardassian envoy arrives carrying Gul Dukat and his second-in-command Glinn Damat to warn Commander Sisko that the station is under threat by the Maquis. They offer to assist Starfleet to find the radicals.

While this game shares some similarities to the typical mafia format, it diverges significantly in several ways. There is still an informed minority and uninformed majority, but the goals of the minority are very different from a typical mafia. Consequently, though there are day and night phases, they do not follow the typical mafia model either. There is no day lynch, instead players can take actions just like at night. There will simply be different sets of actions and the performance of some of the actions will change. Actions are limited by time and Stamina. A phase is separated into 3 time segments and actions take some part or all of the phase. Players can queue up actions to total 3 time units, however they are also limited by their Stamina. Each character has some amount of Stamina and most actions cost Stamina. If the player does not have enough Stamina for an Action, they cannot perform the Action. Some Actions will regenerate Stamina.

Also unlike typical mafia, there is a Map with several regions. Actions and interactions between players are generally aimed around locations, rather than players. Different locations provide different Activities that characters can participate in which will provide different utility and benefits. Some locations have strategic significance and characters will have objectives to infiltrate or defend certain locations.

Each character has a set of stats. In addition to Stamina, each character has Perception, Blend and Combat acumen. Perception dictates how observant a character is, how likely they are to spot people, sensors or traps. A person with high Perception is more likely to spot someone lurking around and less likely to be caught in a surprise attack. Blend refers to a character's ability to remain unnoticed. A person with a high Blend is less likely to be picked out of a crowd or seen creeping around in the dark. If it comes to fighting in close-quarters, Combat acumen will determine the outcome. Though using a ranged weapon can be more effective, any weapons discharge will be detected and revealed, so it can be preferable to attack hand-to-hand in order to avoid attracting attention.

In a fight, Perception, Blend and Combat acumen all come into play to decide the final outcome. A defender with high Perception is more likely to see the attack coming, while an attacker with a high Blend is less likely to be seen coming. The relative Perception to Blend of each character involved in the fight will modify their base Combat stat and affect the result. Players have five possible states: Healthy, Minor Injury, Major Injury, Incapacitated and Dead. Players start out healthy, but after an attack one or more may be injured or worse. With a Minor Injury, a character's stats are lowered by 1/3 and with a Major Injury, they are lowered by 2/3. If they are Incapacitated, they will need immediate medical assistance, but they can be revived, given enough time. And Dead is dead. If one combatant has a significantly higher Combat acumen, they will leave the other character 2 states worse than they started the encounter. If the winner is only slightly stronger, they will only leave the other 1 state worse. However, if they are closely matched, both will go leave with an Injury. The loser of a fight will retreat to a safe location (if they are able) and the rest of their Actions for the phase will be interrupted. Provided that they winner doesn't lose too much stats, they will continue with the rest of their Actions for the phase.

Each player has a set of stats that determine how well they perform different tasks.
  • Perception: How well they observe their environment as they move around. More likely to see other characters moving through their section.
  • Blend: How well they remain unnoticed in a section. Others are less likely to spot their activities if they have a high Blend.
  • Combat: Firing weapons risks attracting unwanted attention, so hand-to-hand combat may be preferable at times. Characters with high Combat acumen are more likely to prevail in a fight though Perception and Blend and environmental factors can influence the final outcome.
  • Stamina: Characters expend Stamina to perform actions. When they expend all their Stamina, they must rest to regain Stamina before they can act again.


  • Win Conditions:
    • Neutralize all Maquis agents.
  • Attributes:
    • Level 3 Security clearance.
    • Won't buy/sell goods of questionable repute on principle. (Can't use fences.)
    • Prefer nonviolence. Won't change weapons off stun until a member of the crew is Incapacitated or Killed.

Commander Benjamin Sisko (Commanding Officer): Commander of Deep Space 9. Due to his discovery of the wormhole and his experience with the aliens that exist inside it, he is known as the "Emissary of the Prophets" among the Bajoran people.
  • Stats:
    • Moderate Perception: Normally observant, with so much pressing on his mind, he can't notice everything.
    • Low Blend: Being the Commander of DS9, it's difficult to move around unnoticed.
    • Moderate close-range Combat acumen: Trained to fight, but a bit rusty given his position doesn't involve much fighting these days.
    • Moderate Stamina: Being pulled in so many directions, something's got to give and he doesn't manage as much sleep and exercise as he would like.
  • Talents:
    • Increased Perception of Calvin Hudson. Being an old friend of Sisko's, Calvin's betrayal hit him all the harder and he won't let Hudson slip past him.
    • Gets all reports on weapons fire delivered to him in his morning and evening briefings.
    • Can activate 2 sensors each Night. There several stationary sensors placed throughout DS9, but due to the Maquis' interference only 2 can be active at a time. If a location is stripped for Components, the sensor there will be dismantled.
  • Items:
    • Equipment: Phaser
    • Latinum: Low

Major Kira Nerys (First Officer): Formerly a freedom fighter for the Bajoran Resistance during the Cardassian Occupation, she now operates as the chief liaison officer between the Federation and the Bajoran militia. She serves as Commander Sisko's second-in-command.
  • Stats:
    • High Perception: Paranoia from growing up under the Cardassian Occupation has made her hyper-observant of her surroundings.
    • High Blend: Trained in espionage via trial by fire during the Cardassian Occupation, so she learned how to not be seen.
    • High close-range Combat acumen: Being part of the Resistance during the Cardassian Occupation, she knows how to fight dirty.
    • Moderate Stamina: Used to be in top condition, but her duties as second-in-command interfere with her exercise routine.
  • Talents:
    • Assign 2 Checkpoints during the Day. Being the highest ranked Bajoran on the station, she can assign Bajoran security officers to set up checkpoints at two transition points during the Day to look for a specific character. If that character passes through a checkpoint, they will be detained in the Brig. Gets a report on who passed through each checkpoint at the end of the Day.
  • Items:
    • Latinum: Low

Constable Odo (Chief of Security): A shapeshifter, he can take on any form he chooses, though he spends most of his time in a humanoid shape. He has a strong sense of justice and works diligently to uphold the law. He is always watchful of Quark, who tends to work on the margins of the law and Odo would dearly like to lock Quark up for a long time.
  • Stats:
    • High Perception: Always on the lookout for wrongdoing, it's difficult to put one past him.
    • Low Blend (Humanoid): In his humanoid form, Odo stands out, being slightly misshapen since he hasn't mastered the art of eyes, noses, ears and mouths.
    • Perfect Blend (Shapeshifted): Given that he can disguise himself as any object, when he hides he cannot be detected.
    • Moderate close-range Combat acumen: Being a Shapeshifter is a boon in combat, but he does not like fighting.
    • No Stamina: Being a shapeshifter, Odo doesn't eat or sleep as regular people do.
  • Talents:
    • Must regenerate every 4/3 of a Phase for 2/3 of a Phase. Odo does not eat or sleep, so he does not have Stamina and does not need to Rest or Eat. However, he must return to his natural gelatinous state every 16 hours. While regenerating he has no Perception or Blend. He also cannot be injured normally. Instead, each injury he receives hastens his need to regenerate by 1/3 of a Phase. Odo cannot be killed.
    • Increased Perception of Michael Eddington. When Starfleet first brought Michael Eddington on as a security chief, he butted heads with Odo over how best to manage DS9 security. Odo hasn't forgotten.
    • Increased Perception of Quark. Always looking for a chance to bust Quark's dodgy business dealings.
    • Shapeshift: Odo can take any inanimate form he chooses. He can disguise himself and observe a location, seeing everything that occurs there.
    • Incarcerate: If he detects illegal activity at a location he will reveal himself and incarcerate the people involved in the Brig. At the start of the next Phase, he can choose to release anyone he captures. Captured players will have their Equipment confiscated, but they will retain any Components on their person. They will be unable to take any actions other than Resting and attempting to Escape.
  • Items:
    • Latinum: None. Odo has no use for currency, particularly since Quark covets it so much.

Lieutenant Jadzia Dax (Chief Science Officer): Young officer recently out of Starfleet Academy, Jadzia is a joined Trill, a humanoid linked with a long-lived symbiont, Dax. Symbionts retain their memories from host to host, so Jadzia possesses 300 years of memories though she is only in her late 20s.
  • Stats:
    • High Perception: Having many lifetimes of experience, she knows a thing or two about observing her surroundings.
    • Low Blend: Being Trill, she has distinctive markings along the sides of her face and body, making her stand out. Also, not inclined to hide in the shadows (a trifle brash).
    • High close-range Combat acumen: Curzon Dax trained in Klingon martial arts with Klingon warriors and Jadzia Dax retains his talents.
    • High Stamina: Has boundless energy and she's always ready for more.
  • Talents:
    • Having a strong scientific background and long life-experience, she can use Components to construct Equipment. She can create Sensors she can place at locations/transition points that notify her when people pass by them. Can construct one Flash-bang device at a time. Lowers Perception and Combat acumen of those affected.
    • Play Tongo (Night): Tongo is a high stakes gambling game preferred by Ferengi and they bar most non-Ferengi from participating, but Dax is considered worthy to join them at the table. Can bet gold-pressed latinum at Night in Quark's Bar. If she wins, she gets a significant return on investment and Quark loses a little. If she loses, Quark gains a little. Increased Perception while playing. She's respected at the table because she knows how to read (and watch) the room.
    • Lacks any qualms about utilizing fences. As Quark and Garak aren't supposed to have the Security Override or the Security Codes, they won't sell those to Dax.
  • Items:
    • Equipment: Tricorder
    • Components: **** Low-grade components
    • Latinum: Medium

Lieutenant Julian Bashir (Chief Medical Officer): Young officer recently out of Starfleet Academy, this is his first assignment off Earth. Second in his class, he opted to put his skills to work on the frontier of Federation space.
  • Stats:
    • Moderate Perception: Could take notice of things, but his general naivete and relative youth make him a little oblivious at times.
    • Moderate Blend: Being somewhat blithe, he doesn't take efforts to remain in the background.
    • Low close-range Combat acumen: Being more of the cerebral type, never learned any close-range Combat techniques.
    • High Stamina: An avid player of racquetball, he stays in top physical shape surprisingly easily.
  • Talents:
    • Increased Perception of Garak. Garak enjoys lunching with Bashir frequently, so Julian tends to take notice when Garak is around.
    • Can replenish his Medpack by visiting the Medical Bay.
    • Can Revive anyone who is incapacitated if they are at the Medical Bay.
    • Receives reports of all patients who visited the Medical Bay each Phase which include the extent of their injuries and the state they were in when they left.
  • Items:
    • Equipment: Medpack
    • Latinum: Low

Senior Chief Petty Officer Miles O'Brien (Chief Operations Officer): Former transporter operator aboard the USS Enterprise under Captain Picard, he now serves as the Chief Operations officer of DS9. It's his responsibility to keep the station running smoothly, which he juggles alongside his resposibilities to his wife, Keiko, and daughter, Molly.
  • Stats:
    • Low Perception: Being a battle-hardened veteran, he knows how to keep an eye on things, but being an engineer, he tends to focus on his work.
    • High Blend: Having been an enlisted man, he knows how to fade into the background when he doesn't want to be noticed.
    • High close-range Combat acumen: Having fought in many battles (and brawls) over the years, he knows how to handle himself in a fight.
    • Low Stamina: In his younger years, he was in top shape, but as a family man now, good eating and a demanding youngster have impaired his physique.
  • Talents:
    • Increased Perception of Ro Laren. Having served aboard the Enterprise with Ro Laren, he still remembers her face.
    • Knows all the Maintenance Shafts on the ship.
    • Can spend an entire phase to temporarily repair the Comm. Each time he repairs the Comm, he can establish a one-way comm line to a specific character. He PMs the host and the host forwards the message to the selected character.
    • Informed when areas of the ship are scavenged for components. Being Chief Operations Officer, he gets reports on all damage to the station.
  • Items:
    • Equipment: Phaser
    • Latinum: Low

Cardassian Crew:
  • Win Conditions:
    • Neutralize all Maquis agents.
  • Attributes:
    • Have BTSC. They operate on a private channel that hasn't been disrupted by the Maquis.

Gul (Captain) Dukat: Formerly Legate (Admiral) of Terok Nor, demoted to Gul with the loss of the station. Though he puts on a charming mask, he clearly has mixed feelings about helping Starfleet defend his former command post. He loathes Garak and the feeling is mutual, though he keeps their history private.
  • Stats:
    • High Perception: Highly trained soldier and former Legate of Terok Nor, he's keenly aware of his environment.
    • Low Blend (Day): Being one of only 3 Cardassians on the entire station, he tends to stick out.
    • High Blend (Night): Knowing the station as he does, he knows how to hide in the shadows.
    • High close-range Combat acumen: His military training serves him well in a fight.
    • High Stamina: Striving to regain his title of Legate, he has honed himeself to perfection.
  • Talents:
    • Increased Perception of Garak. An intense hatred of Garak keeps him aware when Garak is nearby.
    • Knows most of the Maintenance Shafts. Though Starfleet has modified much of the maintenance areas, he still knows several back ways through the station to get about unseen.
  • Items:
    • Equipment: Disruptor
    • Latinum: Medium
Glinn (Lieutenant) Damar: Gul Dukat's second-in-command, he's a straightforward soldier with little nuance other than a fondness for alcohol.
  • Stats:
    • Moderate Perception: Loyal to Dukat, but not particularly astute.
    • Low Blend (Day): Being a Cardassian, it's hard to avoid notice on DS9 these days.
    • Moderate Blend (Night): Not as driven or experienced as Dukat, so he tends to stick out a bit more.
    • Moderate close-range Combat acumen: Committed to Cardassia and Dukat, he knows how to fight, but he's no specialist.
    • Moderate Stamina: Average in all things, he's fit, but not the best.
  • Talents:
    • Increased Perception of Quark. Given his propensity for strong drink, it's always useful to be able to recognize your bartender.
  • Items:
    • Equipment: Disruptor
    • Latinum: Low

  • Win Conditions:
    • Steal Starfleet Intelligence Reports.
    • Sabotage 2/3 Repair Docks.
    • One must escape.
    • Avoid killing Starfleet officers. They have a great deal of respect for their former comrades and they seek to limit the bloodshed during their infiltration.
  • Attributes:
    • Have BTSC. They operate on a private Comm channel they set up locally.
    • Can leave the station at any time via the Public Docks. (Not from the Dock where the Cardassians are based.)
    • Not opposed to using weapons, but bringing weapons with them when they boarded DS9 was deemed too risky.
Calvin Hudson: A long-time friend of Sisko's and former Starfleet liaison to the demilitarized zone between Federation and Cardassian space, he joined the Maquis to fight back against the Cardassian colonists, who he believes have the full support of Cardassia Prime.
  • Stats:
    • Moderate Perception Getting older, he's losing his edge, but experience goes a long way toward compensating.
    • High Blend Looking like a nondescript human going about his business has its advantages.
    • Moderate close-range Combat acumen: As the grey hair came in, the muscles got a little lax and his fighting form just isn't what it used to be.
    • Low Stamina: Age works against him; he doesn't have the energy of his youth.
  • Talents:
    • Can construct Medpacks from Components. Being the oldest member of the Maquis infiltration team, he's not as strong a fighter, so he's taken on the role of a field medic.
  • Items:
    • Equipment: Medpack
    • Latinum: High
Michael Eddington: Former security officer on DS9, he couldn't stand by and let the Cardassians oppress the former Federation colonists still living in Cardassian territory. When he defected, he helped the Maquis to sabotage the USS Defiant, Commander Sisko's ship assigned to DS9.
  • Stats:
    • High Perception: Being a former security officer aboard DS9, he knows how to use his eyes.
    • Low Blend: Being a former security officer aboard DS9, his face is well known.
    • High close-range Combat acumen: Being a former security officer, he knows how to fight.
    • High Stamina: Always in excellent shape, he's had to be leaner and meaner with the Maquis.
  • Talents:
    • Though security access codes have changed since he left DS9, he can use his knowledge of Federation security systems to override Level 1 Security.
    • Knows several of the Maintenance Shafts. While he was a security officer, he studied the maps of DS9's Maintenance Shafts to watch for potential weakpoints or points of incursion. Some of the Shafts have changed since his time aboard the station, but several are still the way they were.
  • Items:
    • Equipment: Sensor
    • Latinum: Medium
Ro Laren: A Bajoran and former Starfleet officer, she served aboard the Enterprise under Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Having grown up during the brutal occupation of Bajor, she has a burning hatred of the Cardassians. When asked to infiltrate and disrupt the Maquis, she found her true calling and abandoned Starfleet, though she was deeply conflicted betraying Captain Picard's trust.
  • Stats:
    • High Perception: Trained in espionage by Starfleet Command, she knows how to watch the crowd.
    • High Blend: Given her training, she can blend in easily on a Bajoran space station.
    • High close-range Combat acumen: Trained by Starfleet for infiltration and sabotage. Knows how to be deadly (or not) in close quarters.
    • Moderate Stamina: Trained for infiltration, fitness is important, but focus and avoidance takes precedence.
  • Talents:
    • Being Bajoran, she blends in better than the others. Undetectable in the Bajoran Shrine during the day.
    • Can construct low-yield IEDs from Components.
    • Can deactivate security measures (deactivates sensors and no reports from damage or weapons fire) in a location for one cycle. High Stamina cost.
  • Items:
    • Equipment: Tricorder
    • Components: **** low-grade Components
    • Latinum: Low

Quark: A Ferengi bar-owner, he's always looking to make a buck--rather--some gold-pressed latinum.
  • Win Conditions:
    • Earn **** bars gold-pressed latinum before the game ends.
    • Survive until the end. Don't be incapacitated, incarcerated or die.
    • Secret: ???
  • Stats:
    • High Perception: Ferengi's large ears are very sensitive, so he's quite aware of his environment.
    • Moderate Blend: Being a Ferengi, being small of stature has its benefits, but Quark isn't known for being particularly stealthy.
    • Low close-range Combat acumen: He's a bartender, not a fighter. When the brawling starts, he's the first one down behind the bar.
    • Low Stamina: A successful Ferengi is generally pretty indolent since others do the work for him. Quark isn't that successful as a Ferengi, but he's got the sedentary part mastered.
  • Talents:
    • Operates as a fence at night. Can exchange equipment and components for gold-pressed latinum.
  • Items:
    • Fencing Inventory: Starts with several items for sale. Has a Security Override Device.
    • Latinum: Medium
Garak: The only Cardassian living on DS9, he works as a simple tailor, claiming to be a political exile from Cardassia Prime. Most suspect him to be a spy for Cardassia Prime, but he insists he would be executed if he returned home. He hates Gul Dukat and vice versa.
  • Win Conditions:
    • Earn **** bars of gold-pressed latinum before the game ends.
    • Survive until the end. Don't be incapacitated, incarcerated or die.
    • Secret: ???
  • Stats:
    • High Perception: You can rely on Garak noticing even the smallest detail. As a tailor, this is a critical trait. It clearly has nothing whatever to do with being a spy.
    • Moderate Blend (Day): Though a Cardassian, he's well-known on the station, so people tend not to take much notice of him.
    • High Blend (Night): He may claim to be a simple tailor, but if he doesn't want to be seen, he knows how to disappear without a trace.
    • Moderate close-range Combat acumen: Possibly trained in the art of subtle assassination, he probably knows how to kill the unsuspecting quickly while preferring to avoid physical confrontation.
    • High Stamina: Exercises regularly and maintains top physical conditioning, simply to put on a good face for his customers of course.
  • Talents:
    • Operates as a fence at night. Can exchange goods and parts for gold-pressed latinum.
  • Items:
    • Fencing Inventory: Starts with several items for sale. Has the Security Access Codes.
    • Latinum: Medium


There are several different sections of the ship that can be visited. The main concourse is the Promenade (the inner ring of the station), which has connections to Quark's and Garak's shops, the Medical Bay, the Bajoran Shrine and the Brig. Passages also lead to the Operations Center (the center of the station) and Residential Wings (the central ring of the station). The Residential Wings are split into 3 sections, Alpha, Beta and Gamma. Each Residential Wing connects to the Public Docks (Alpha, Beta, Gamma). Each Public Dock connects to a Repair Dock. Various disconnected Maintenance Shafts connect parts of the station together, if you know how to access them, bypassing the visible corridors.

Operations Center (Ops): Level 3 Security required to access. Commander Sisko's base of Operations. Lieutenant Dax's base of Operations. The location and type of weapon discharges are reported to anyone present in Ops.
  • Items:
    • Starfleet Intel Reports
    • Phasers
    • High-grade Components
Promenade: While primarily used as a means to reach the various locations in the Promenade, there is a second floor observation deck that provides an excellent view of the surrounding space, including the wormhole when it opens. It can also be used to quietly observe the comings and goings of people with business in the Promenade shops. Doesn't take time to pass through.
    • Activities:
      • Observe: Hang out on the observation deck and watch the "ships" go by. Increases Perception. Increases Blend.
    • Items:
      • Latinum
      • **** Components
  • Medical Bay: Doctor Bashir's base of Operations. Can be visited to heal Minor and Major Injuries. Each phase improves a character's state by 1. If Bashir is present, he has increased Perception of patients who use the facilities.
    • Activities:
      • Heal: Remove one level of Injury.
    • Items:
      • Medpacks
      • **** Components
  • Brig: Level 1 Security required to access. Odo's base of Operations.
    • Activities:
      • Escape: Players incarcerated by Odo can attempt to Escape their imprisonment. Escaping depends on their own Perception and whether they are under guard at the Brig. They can use Components to lower the threshold required to Escape. A successful Escape will not be immediately noticed.
      • Breakout: Players other than the Starfleet Crew can visit the Brig to attempt to Breakout the characters incarcerated by Odo. Breakout success depends on Security Access Level and Stats of characters involved in the attempt and the Stats of anyone guarding the Brig. A successful Breakout will be revealed in the Security Briefing.
    • Items:
      • Phasers
      • **** Components
      • Confiscated Items
  • Bar: Quark's base of Operations.
    • Activities:
      • Gamble at Davo table (Day): Chance to gain or lose gold-pressed latinum. Portion of your losses go to Quark. Raises Blend.
      • Eat/Drink (Day): Costs gold-pressed latinum (paid to Quark). Sit and observe the denizens of the bar. Raises Blend. Raises Perception. Raises Stamina.
      • Sit (Day): Raises Perception. Lowers Blend. Quark doesn't appreciate loiterers and his bouncers will pester you if you aren't a paying customer, which is likely to attract attention to you.
      • Fence (Night/Illegal): Can exchange gold-pressed latinum for Equipment or Components from Quark or his associates. Quark does not need to be present. He has increased Perception of patrons who visit his fencing operation.
    • Items:
      • Latinum
      • **** Components
      • Quark's Merchandise. The merchandise is always defended, so stealing is not free. NPC Ferengi guard Quark's stash when he's not around, but they can be overpowered.
  • Tailor: Garak's base of Operations.
    • Activities:
      • Purchase "clothing" (Day): Costs gold-pressed latinum (paid to Garak). Raises Blend. During fittings, you will be in the back of the shop and Garak (or his associate) is quite garrulous and will share some juicy tidbits he may have learned from Garak's observations of others. Information-gathering.
      • Browse (Day): Raises Perception. Lowers Blend. Garak's not in the habit of entertaining loiterers, so he will take notice if you aren't there to buy.
      • Fence (Night/Illegal): Can exchange gold-pressed latinum for Equipment or Components from Garak or his associate. Garak does not need to be present. He has increased Perception of patrons who visit his fencing operation.
    • Items:
      • Latinum
      • **** Components
      • Garak's Merchandise. The merchandise is always defended, so stealing is not free. NPC Bajorans guard Garak's stash when he is not around, but they can be overpowered.
  • Bajoran Shrine: Major Kira's base of Operations.
    • Activities:
      • Meditate (Day): Hide in plain sight. Greatly raises Blend. Raises Stamina.
    • Items:
      • **** Components
Residential Wings (A, B, C): The Maquis have taken up residence in one of the Wings to hide and blend into the crowds.
  • Activities:
    • Rest (not Cardassian Crew): Regain Stamina. Raises Blend. You are difficult to find when resting in your personal/rented residence.
  • Items:
    • Latinum
    • **** Components
    • Various Items. Breaking into random residences can yield new items, but may require fighting NPCs.
Repair Docks (A, B, C): Level 2 Security required to access. O'Brien's base of Operations.
  • Activities:
    • Hack Terminal: Gain one Section Map of your choice. Since it's behind a Level 2 Security door, it is not encrypted.
  • Items:
    • **** Components
    • Phasers
Public Docks (A, B, C): Cardassian base of Operations. The Cardassian ship is docked at one of the Public Docks.
  • Activities:
    • Rest (only Cardassian Crew): Regain Stamina. Raises Blend. Safely aboard your ship, you're unlikely to be found.
    • Hack Terminal: With Level 2 Security access, you can get one Section Map at a time. The hack will be reported to Ops/Sisko.
  • Items:
    • Latinum
    • **** Components
    • Various Items. Breaking into ships docked at the Public Docks can yield new items, but may require fighting NPCs.
    • Disruptor. Can find Disruptors if stealing from dock where Cardassians' ship resides.
Players spend Stamina to take actions each phase. Some actions will regenerate Stamina. Actions usually target a section, not a player.
  • Patrol (multiple sections)/Guard (one section): Raises Perception. Lowers Blend. Raises Combat. Patrolling has a moderate Stamina cost. Guarding has low Stamina cost. Protect a location or look for opponents in one or more sections.
  • Recon: Raises Perception. Raises Blend. Lowers Combat. Low Stamina cost. Hide while observing a section or sections.
  • Scavenge/Steal: Scavenging Lowers Blend. Stealing Raises Blend. Moderate Stamina cost. Strip the section of Components or attempt to Steal Equipment.
  • Ambush: Lowers Perception. Raises Blend. Greatly raises Combat. High Stamina Cost. Prepare to attack enemies that enter a section through one or two entrances. Because they are focused on a limited area, they are less likely to notice enemies that enter from a different entrance than the one(s) targeted.
  • Disrupt Security: Lowers Blend. Moderate Stamina Cost. If successful, all sensors in the targeted location will be disabled and no damage or weapons fire will be reported for one Cycle.
  • Rest: Lowers Perception. Raises Blend. Lowers Combat. Regenerate Stamina.


Items that can be carried and used around DS9. They can be disassembled for Components.
  • Override Device: Reusable. Automatic override of Security Level 1, investing time can override a higher Security Level door.
    • Contains High-grade Component.
  • Security Access Codes: Reusable. Automatic access to all security clearance.
  • Section Map: Reveals all Maintenance Shafts in a section.
  • Medpack: Can be used to completely heal Minor Injuries. Can heal Major Injuries to Minor Injuries.
  • Tricorder: Reusable. Can identify lifesigns in a targeted location. Not effective in public areas during the Day. Learn approximate stats of people passing through the targeted section. Alternately, can learn the species passing through the targeted location.
    • Contains High-grade Component.
  • Phaser: Reusable. Standard-issue Federation weapon. Can be set to stun or Kill.
  • Disruptor: Reusable. Cardassian weapon of choice. Can be used to Incapacitate (painfully) or Kill.
  • Sensor: Can be placed at a location or transition. Will report all activity through the area/doorway to the character who placed it. Will not report anything if no one passed it. Gets dismantled for Components when someone Scavenges the area it's in.
  • Flash-bang Grenade: Sophisticated nonlethal weapon designed to reduce the Perception and Combat acumen of anyone other than the thrower.
    • Contains High-grade Component.
  • Explosives: High-grade explosives can be wired to remotely detonate to sabotage an entire region of the station. The Maquis intend to place these in the Repair Docks before escaping.

  • High-grade: required for building sophisticated Equipment, such as Explosives.
  • Medium-grade: required for building advanced equipment.
  • Low-grade: required for building equipment.

Fighting with Weapons

Players can use weapons offensively or defensively. When a player holds a weapon, they can choose what conditions they want to use it. Players must tell the host whether they want the weapon on Stun/Incapacitate or Kill and they need to inform the host if they don't want to use it reactively in defense (Using the weapon will be reported, so they may choose not to use it, even if they are attacked). Weapon use will precede regular combat. Weapon success is dependent on players' Perception and Blend. When attacking with a weapon, if a player's Blend is better than their target's Perception, they can inflict harm before the fight happens. If their Blend is significantly greater, then they can instantly incapacitate/kill their target. If they are more evenly matched, it will only injure the target. The situation reverses when defending with a weapon. If a defender's Perception is better than their attacker's Blend, they can injure the attacker before the fighting starts. If they are greatly mismatched, they can injure the attacker and force them to retreat without a fight.

The Flash-bang Grenade can be similarly used offensively and defensively. The holder can choose not to use it reactively when attacked, but if she does, it will reduce the attacker's combat stat. The effectiveness of the Flash-bang depends on Blend/Perception of both sides in the same way as with the other weapons.
Jun 11 2012, 06:22 PM
I have to admit that I've never played the original party game that has spawned the game we play here, but as I understand it, most players are generally vanilla innocents, with maybe a detective and doctor added in to provide a small counter to the mafia's organization. In such circumstances, the impossibility of the Doctor's task makes sense, since at least he has some ability, even if it isn't that likely to succeed. But in a game where every innocent (largely) has a role to play, should the save remain as woefully weak and ineffective as the original?

I have a love/hate relationship with the save. Random.org lives to give it to me and I hate random.org for that. tongue.gif The save has no information to work with other than his own ID, so most of the time, his efforts are going to be random and largely useless (in my experience). I haven't done an explicit study of the success/failure rate of saves, but across most normal mafia games, the expectation is that the save will fail the vast majority if the time. In fact, if that weren't the case, the baddies in a game would be screwed. So we have a character in the game who is expected to fail most of the time. Not exactly the most desirable role to have.

In thinking about this, the save's job is much harder than a blocker. A blocker merely has to guess the ID of the baddie he wants to block. A save must guess the ID of the person the baddies want to kill. Which creates a level of WIFOM that is difficult to disentangle.

For instance, Player A proves himself to be an important goodie. Therefore, the baddies will want to night kill him. Therefore the save should save him. Therefore, the baddies should night kill someone else since the save will be saving Player A. Therefore, the save should attempt to save someone else, since the kill will most likely go to someone other than Player A. And so on.

Rather than feeling like a useful role that achieves something in the game, it seems like the save role ends up as a deterrent role. The baddies are rarely concerned about their kill target being saved, by which I mean that they will likely pick their target based on their estimation of the player least likely to be saved. Being stuck as a save with no information, you would have a very difficult time second-guessing the baddies on that count.

In that you can act as a deterrent simply for existing, that does validate the appropriateness of a saving role, but it makes the role (IMO) unsatisfying to play. There are probably other roles that need reexamination as well, but I'll just focus on the save here. Do other people think that the save ought to be tweaked? There are already several ways in which people have tweaked the save role to make it a little more powerful. Sometimes multiple saves can gain BTSC (see UMM), but that doesn't greatly increase the amount of useful information they possess (see UMM 5.1 tongue.gif ). Other people have paired the save with the spy. I know that unreality added that to Classic Mafia on Incognito, but I seem to remember there was a more recent example. unsure.gif

It just seems to me that there ought to be some modification to make the save a little more informed as it is really hard to feel like you accomplished anything, other than through blind luck, as an uninformed save. Off the top of my head, I would suggest maybe the save gets all spy results that the baddies or indies get. So if the baddies have a spy role, the save learns what they know, so that the save can at least be somewhat informed on what the baddies are thinking. I realize a drastic change like that would completely alter the balance of the role and change the dynamic between the save and the baddies, but I feel that the save needs such a change to make it a more enjoyable role to play. At least it would create a more informed WIFOM between the baddies and the save, though that might have other undesirable consequences as well. But that's why this is in "Mafia Discussion." To discuss it. biggrin.gif
Apr 10 2012, 07:29 PM
Abhorsen Mafia (based on a trilogy by Garth Nix)

The Old Kingdom is a realm of magic, primarily focused on power of Death. Death is a place to which all spirits must cross. The majority pass through the Precincts of Death beyond the final gate, from which they can never return. However, some spirits reject their own Death and seek to return to Life. Compounding this, several agents of Life, namely Necromancers, often delve into Death to summon spirits from Death to do their bidding.

The Abhorsen and their allies are anti-Necromancers. They delve into Death to ensure that the Dead remain Dead and that the living cannot prey on the spirits of the Dead (or vice versa). With the rallying of the agents of Death, the Abhorsen must defend Life from those who would destroy it...

Complicating matters, two Free Magic beings are involved with their own agendas. Yrael remained neutral in the fight between the Seven and Orannis when Orannis was bound and the Charter was forged. Now he may be forced to choose a side as Orannis' spirit is free and seeking to escape imprisonment.


Players fight for supremacy in the Precincts of Death. There are 10 regions, Life and 9 precincts of Death. Beyond the Ninth Gate, there is no return from Death. All players, other than Orannis, begin in Life. They can choose to move deeper into Death, or to return toward Life once in Death. When a player ventures into Death, their body remains in Life, but their spirit ventures into Death. If they are killed, they are driven farther into death and they cannot return to Life of their own volition, but they do not leave the game unless they pass beyond the Ninth Gate.

------ [Death] ------
First Precinct
------ [First Gate] ------
Second Precinct
------ [Second Gate] ------
Third Precinct
------ [Third Gate] ------
Fourth Precinct
------ [Fourth Gate] ------
Fifth Precinct
------ [Fifth Gate] ------
Sixth Precinct
------ [Sixth Gate] ------
Seventh Precinct
------ [Seventh Gate] ------
Eighth Precinct
------ [Eighth Gate] ------
Ninth Precinct
------ [Ninth Gate] ------
------ [Eternal Death] ------


Cycle: One Night Period and one Day Period.
Period: One Night or one Day.
Walking: Player travels down or up a number of levels in Death (counts as an action). Player can travel through up to 4 levels in one action (e.g. Starting in Life, a player can reach the Fourth Precinct in one Walk).
(S): Item can be stolen.
(I): Item can be passed to another player at the same level. Any item that can be passed, can be stolen.

There is no BTSC for anyone, but there are several ways to communicate with others in secret. The game will occur in Cycles, with one Night Period followed by a Day Period. During the night, players select two actions to do (order matters). If partially blocked, players will still do their first action, but the second action will not succeed. Actions are those available to them personally or Walking. At the beginning of the night, players will be informed of the number of players on their level and how many dead creatures lurk there.

During the day, players will vote to "lynch" a person's body. Every person in the Old Kingdom is christened with a Charter Mark when they are born with gives them access to the magical power of the Charter. To become a Necromancer or to return from Death as an unDead spirit is a corruption of the Charter. When one person touches another's Charter Mark, they learn the person's true nature. Touching a pure Mark provides a sense of clarity and the immensity of the Charter. Touching a corrupted Mark engenders feelings of sickness and revulsion and the metallic tang of Free Magic.

The chosen lynch target will be tested for the purity of their Mark (faction reveal). Three factions revealed this way: Charter Mage (Abhorsen and Co.), Corrupted Mage (Necromancers and Co.), Free Magic (Yrael and Orannis' Thrall). Their body will be killed and the rites will be performed to destroy the body by powerful Charter Mages so that the spirit cannot return to Life in its own body. Players "lynched" do not leave the game. Their faction will be revealed and they will be banished from returning to Life, but so long as their spirit remains above the Ninth Gate, they will continue to act in Death. A "lynched" player behaves as though under the power of Astarel.* They will move one step farther into Death each night automatically and cannot choose to walk up a level. They can be compelled to move up (or stay in) a Precinct by other players' abilities.

* Not sure about this. Being faction revealed (and dropped X level into Death) may be punishment enough for lynching that the Astarel part may be overkill. At that point, your teammates will likely be fighting to keep you above the Ninth Gate while you will be largely helpless to stop it. http://www.mafiamaniac.net/img/Smilies/hmm.gif As an alternate, perhaps each time a player is "lynched," they become further restricted regarding which precincts they can willingly travel through. The limit would have to provide diminishing returns to discourage repeatedly lynching the same person. Itachi's Dreamweavers on Mafiosphere failed as a game because players didn't die when lynched and could be lynched multiple times. (So once we found a baddie, we kept lynching them until they did die.) So it would have to be along the lines of: First Lynch: Precinct 3 and below. Second Lynch: Precinct 5 and below. Third Lynch: Precinct 6 and below. Each subsequent Lynch +1 precinct. Though that might encourage repeated lynchings even more... http://www.mafiamaniac.net/img/Smilies/rolleyes.gif Maybe it should just be, you drop four levels and can't be lynched again. http://www.mafiamaniac.net/img/Smilies/shrug.gif

Dropped items can be claimed by the first person to enter the precinct where it was dropped. If multiple people enter the precinct at the same time, it is given to one of them at random.

Flying Frog (I): Player can release a frog to block one action of a target. If the player has multiple frogs, they can release them all in the same action to block multiple actions and/or players. Each frog will return to the owner at the end of the night.
Nehima's Sword (I): Player can kill a target, but it will force both user and target beyond the Ninth Gate immediately. The user will drop the Sword in the Ninth Precinct before they die.
Bell Bandolier: Bandolier held by necromancers and Abhorsen containing a set of seven bells, used to command spirits, living and dead:
  • Ranna, The Sleeper (S): Targeted player sleeps for the night and loses an action and cannot walk to a new level. RID: Target takes no actions and vote is 0 next day. If RID is wrong, the Player sleeps instead.
  • Mosrael, The Waker (S): Forces targeted spirit to move up a precinct in Death (or even into Life), at the cost of the user moving down a precinct. RID: Target moves up X levels, player moves down X levels. If the RID is wrong, the player moves down, but the target does not move at all.
  • Dyrim, The Talker (S): Acts as a Courier, allowing player to communicate one message back and forth with a target. RID: If the target is an enemy, he is silenced and he cannot communicate as a target or user of Dyrim for the night with other players. If the RID is wrong, the player cannot communicate with others trying to talk with Dyrim and he cannot communicate with his target.
  • Kibeth, The Walker (S): Force a target to move down a level in Death. RID: Force a player to move two levels in death. If the RID is wrong, the player moves two levels into Death instead.
  • Belgaer, The Thinker (S): Possesses the ability to make a target forget or remember. Target will forget how to use an ability of the player's choice for the next night. If the target doesn't have the ability in question, nothing happens. RID: Target permanently forgets (or remembers) one action of choice. If the RID is wrong, the player forgets how to use Belgaer until reminded by another player.
  • Saraneth, The Binder (S): Binds the target's will, allowing the player to choose a new target for one of his target's actions. RID: Choose new actions for the target. If the RID is wrong, Saraneth binds the Player and he reveals his identity to his target and the Player gives his vote to the target for the next day.
  • Astarel, The Weeper (S): Player and target are drawn into Death. Both players die in Life and they begin a march to the Ninth Gate, one precinct every Period. The march can only be altered by Mosrael and Ranna (though Kibeth will speed it up). A player affected by Astarel can no longer Walk as an action, but they can still use their other abilities. RID: The target will move two precincts every Period. If the RID is wrong, the player will move two precincts every Period. Once the march has begun, nothing can stop it; it can only be prolonged or delayed.

If a player possesses two bells of the same type, they can use both actions to get the positive RID effect without having an RID. Players can only hold two extra bells at a time. If they held any more, they would risk ringing one of them accidentally. Players can choose to drop an extra bell if they want.

8 Players

3 Charter Mages: Defeat Necromancers and Orannis

Sabriel, The Abhorsen: Possesses Bell Bandolier. Being sworn by deed and Blood to return the Dead to Death, she is the most talented user of bells. She can use certain pairs of bells together. The use of two bells requires intense focus and she cannot take any other action or Walk to another level while using them:
  • Ranna & Dyrim - The target talks in their sleep, revealing their faction to Sabriel. Regular effect of Ranna applies. Orannis' Thrall appears as his original faction
  • Saraneth & Kibeth (RID required) ** - The target must walk X levels into (or out of) Death. Saraneth will only work with Kibeth if she knows whom she targets. If she is wrong, she will walk X levels into Death instead. Orannis' Thrall resists and it is only half as effective.
** Needs tweaking as it risks being far too powerful late game.

Lirael, The Remembrancer: Possesses Bell Bandolier. Armed with the Shadow Mirror, she can view events from the past.
  • Shadow Mirror - For each level of Death she travels, she can see events from one day earlier. So, in the First Precinct, she can see an action from the previous night. In the Second Precinct, she can see events from two nights ago and so on. She can use an action to see one action taken by a target (and any results of that action) on any valid night.
  • Dog Statue (S) - She can weave a spell to summon the Disreputable Dog. The Dog will protect her from one lethal action, then it must be resummoned. The summoning requires intense focus and she cannot take another action or Walk while summoning. While summoned, the Dog distracts her and her vote counts for 0x. She can choose to unsummon the Dog any Night for free. If she dies permanently, she drops the Dog Statue in the Ninth Precinct.

Sameth, The Wallbuilder: Able to build magical artifacts with ease. After a harrowing experience with Hedge in Death, he is afraid of Death and cannot willingly go below the First Precinct so long as his body lives. Instead of wearing a set of bells, he has a set of panpipes with seven pipes. They have the effects of the bells, but they have no RID capability.
  • Forging:
    • Flying Frog - Can construct a flying, clockwork frog, helpful for dealing with bugs in swampy locations. Also, can be used to distract a target from taking one action for the night. He has no limit to the number of frogs he can possess, but creating a frog takes an action.
    • Nehima's Sword - Combining the panpipes with the magical sword Nehima, he forges the only weapon capable of killing the Destroyer. He loses the panpipes and the focus required prevents him from taking any other action or moving that night. If he dies permanently without having forged the Sword, he will stay in the Ninth Precinct long enough to forge it before dying, leaving it there.
    • Bell - Though Sam fears Death and the bells, he can forge one bell of his choice each night.
  • Use Item: Use any item he possesses.

3 Agents of the Dead: Defeat Charter Mages and Orannis

Chlorr, The Betrayer: Possesses a Bell Bandolier. She is a very powerful necromancer who has lived for several hundred years living off the life-force of others. She has the same capability of using two bells as Sabriel.

Hedge, The Necromancer: Possesses a Bell Bandolier. He is a necromancer who can summon dead minions to do his bidding. He can summon more powerful dead creatures the deeper into Death he travels. He can tell them which players to ignore and he senses what each Dead unit sees. Dead creatures controlled by Hedge have a dark line of control leading back to Hedge. When successfully acted upon by a player, the player will learn if Hedge is above or below them (or at the level) in Death. RID effects must correctly identify the type of Dead creature it is to work.
  • First & Second: Dead Hand. He can summon up to four DH at a time. The most basic dead creature, it seeks the life-force of the living. Unless commanded to move, it will guard a precinct. It can Walk one precinct per night. It responds to the power of the bells and panpipes and it can be distracted by the Frogs. If sent into Death, unless given new orders by Hedge, it will attempt to Walk back to the precinct in which it was stationed. If it is ignored, it will attack a player of Hedge's choosing, knocking them down a level in Death.
  • Third & Fourth: Shadow Hand. He can summon up to three SH at a time. More powerful dead creature. It can be commanded to attack, driving its victim two levels down in Death. It can also be commanded to Steal. It will attempt to steal an item from a player that enters the precinct it is in. If it succeeds, it will return to Hedge and give it to him. He can then give it new orders. Also responds to the bells and other items.
  • Fifth & Sixth: Mordicant. He can summon up to two M at a time. They can be instructed to guard a precinct. If unmolested at the end of a night, they will knock a player down three levels and it can steal an item from the player. Being a powerful dead creature in its own right, it will send one of its own underlings to Hedge with the stolen item. Only responds to RID effects.
  • Seventh & Eighth: Greater Dead. He can only summon one GD at a time. A Greater Dead will only serve Hedge unwillingly. Should it be sent to Life, Hedge will lose control of it and it will act on its own volition (host-controlled/random/removed?). Unmolested, it can drive a player four levels into Death. It can also steal an item and send it to Hedge. It can have two actions each night. Only responds to RID effects.
  • Ninth: None. The Dead who seek to return to life fear the Ninth Precinct because they will be drawn to the Ninth Gate if they see it.

Kerrigor, The Greatest Dead: Royal prince who chose eternal "life" over his duty to the living. Hid his body in life to prevent his spirit from being driven to the Ninth Gate. As long as his body lives, he cannot be enter the Ninth Precinct.
  • Compel - He has a strong powers of persuasion and he can convince another player at his level to take a new action (like Saraneth, RID possible), or to give him an item they possess (like steal, with RID allowing his choice).
  • Protect - Exerts all his focus on sending dead minions to protect his body. He cannot Walk or take another action, but his body cannot be killed for the Cycle.
  • Use Item - Use an item he has stolen.

1 Neutral: Survive to end

Yrael, The Neutral: Refusing to choose sides in the fight between the Seven and the Destroyer that took place at the creation of the Charter, he has no strong allegiance to anyone. However, he has become accustomed to life and desires to continue to live, no matter who rules the world. Being a Free Magic being from before the Charter akin to Orannis, he can detect the presence of Orannis in another's spirit. He will be told if Orannis embeds inside himself. If Orannis tries to enthrall him, he can choose whether or not to allow it. If he rejects the embed, Orannis' sliver loses its embed in him and he can never be embedded or enthralled again. He has four actions instead of the regular two.
  • Sniff (only once per night) - Detect if the odor of Orannis clings to the target. He will detect if his target is connected to Orannis. He cannot tell the difference between an embedded player or an enthralled one.
  • Steal - Can take an item from a player at the same level as him.
  • Use Item - Can use an item stolen from another player.

1 Destroyer: Escape Death

Orannis, The Destroyer: Powerful Free Magic being from before the Charter. He was bound by the Seven who created the Charter and trapped in Death. His spirit is trapped in the Ninth Precinct to begin and he cannot move himself. However, a sliver of his spirit has escaped his prison and can travel at will through the precincts of Death and into Life. Travel through precincts for the splinter is instantaneous. Orannis' spirit is completely ethereal and is not seen by other players in the roster. (I view him like Sam from Quantum Leap Mafia.)
  • Embed - The Sliver can embed itself into any player. Once embedded, Orannis views all interactions that player has with other players (and the host). He will see all messages they send and receive and all actions that they take. He can communicate with that player as if he were using Dyrim, but there is no RID component. He may choose a new player to embed in each night.
  • Make Thrall - He possesses the player he currently has embedded. No other player can be Embedded while the current player is enthralled. They lose their affiliation with their former faction and gain BTSC with Orannis. They retain all of their regular abilities and items. Once enthralled, the player wins with Orannis. He cannot be released from bondage until he travels beyond the Ninth Gate, at which time, Orannis becomes able to Embed his sliver in a new spirit. His thrall will die if Orannis is defeated. An embedded player will be unaffected.

Orannis has one goal: to move his spirit from the Ninth Precinct up into Life. If his spirit reaches Life, he will be free to Destroy all life as he once sought to do long ago. Since he predates the Charter and the bells represent the power of the Charter, he ignores the negative effects of any bell. The only bell that can move his spirit is Mosrael, but it will only affect him if the user of the bell is on the same level as his spirit.

Orannis can only be killed by the wielder of Nehima's Sword. The wielder must be at the same level as Orannis' spirit currently resides.
Apr 10 2012, 07:29 PM
Doctor Who Mafia
Last of the Time Lords

The Doctor's nemesis, the Master, escaped the destruction of the Time Lords in the Last Time War and stole the Doctor's TARDIS, which he converted into a Paradox Machine. Using the machine, he ripped holes in the fabric of space-time, opening portals between different times and places. Having gained the ability to create time paradoxes to his hearts' content, the Master plans to offer the Paradox Machine to several of the Doctor's enemies to let them rewrite history.

Meanwhile, the Doctor gathers his own allies to fight the Master and his allies. As they prepare for battle, the Paradox Machine attracts the attention of family of unwanted guests, the Family of Blood. Incorporeal gaseous beings with short lifespans, they seek the spirit of a Time Lord to gain immortality. Capable of inhabiting human hosts, a family of four (Husband, Wife, Son & Daughter) come to the Paradox Machine to find a Time Lord.

The Doctor and Master sparring alone in the PM are caught off-guard. Each barely escapes the encounter, forcing them both to regenerate and take new forms. With the Family of Blood hot on their heels, the two agree that the only way to escape from the FoB is to hide their Time Lord natures in a fob watch using a device aboard the TARDIS called the Chameleon Arch. Using the Arch, they both become human without their Time Lord memories.

Also attracted to the rips in space-time, the Shadow Proclamation, a pseudo-governmental group that maintains order in the galaxy in lieu of the Time Lords, finds the Doctor and the Master in their human forms. Not knowing the whole story, they find the Lieutenants and give them each a blaster and a fob watch for safe keeping. Not knowing what the Time Lords had planned or how to stop the Family of Blood, they give transponders to as many of the Doctor's and the Master's allies as they can find. This allows them to broadcast on an open channel to each other. If they can locate each others' specific transponder code, they can communicate in secret. Unsure of how to proceed, the Shadow Proclamation decrees that the people caught up in the mess must get themselves out of it. They will ask for votes and the person with the most votes at the end of each "day" period will be hunted down and executed by the Shadow Proclamation's Judoon soldiers.

Each transponder is equipped with a teleport that allows the holder to transport a small item to any other transponder they know the code for. Each "night," the holder of a fob watch can pass it to another member using the teleport. They can also use the teleport to pass the blaster around for one member to use at night (RID Kill).

With the arrival of the FoB, the two camps rally their allies and begin to search for the ersatz Time Lords to prevent the FoB from getting Time Lord spirits hidden in the watches. Unfortunately, with the pair's forced regenerations, no one knows which is the Doctor and which is the Master. No one will know until they are reawakened...

Format (Mafia meets "Wumpus World"):
Night Phase (Move, Talk & Act Sections):
Move: Players start in space-time regions with portals leading to other space-time regions. In this section, players decide which location to visit (or to stay where they are). Move is sent to host by PM before the previous day ends. Non-responses result in no movement.***
Talk: After moving to a new area, players hide in the shadows and observe the new area. They will see how many other players are in the area with them. They will also know if there is an NPC in the area. They can choose to meet the NPC if they wish. If they do, they will get the benefits of NPC if he is allied, or the detriment if he is enemy. Everyone else there will also learn they are in the region.
Action: Players can use their player abilities and allied NPC abilities in this section.

*** This is where "Wumpus World" comes into play. The areas of the world are connected by portals, forming a maze across space-time. If a player has visited an area before, they will recognize it through any portal (even one they haven't used before). Otherwise, they will discover some feature of the world on the other side. Each region has three features: light, sound and smell. Areas are either Light or Dark, Quiet or Noisy, and Foul- or Sweet-smelling.

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Players will know the possible locations that exist in the world and their characteristics, but they will not know exactly how they interact and players will be inserted into them randomly to start.

Day Phase:
The Shadow Proclamation has tried to fix the temporal paradox by setting up a voting system to straighten out the issue. They do not know or understand the Time Lord's device or who is responsible, but they hope that the chief players in the controversy can solve the problem for themselves. Every day, they will vote and at the end of the day, the person with the most votes will be found and executed by the Shadow Proclamation. Their personal effects will be examined and the SP will determine their ID.


Team Doctor: Defeat Team Master & the Family of Blood
Rose Tyler [L] (Series 1/2)
Martha Jones (Series 3)
Donna Noble (Series 4)
Captain Jack Harkness (Series 1/3)
Sarah Jane Smith (School Reunion, Series 2)
Evelina (The Fires of Pompeii, Series 4)
Mickey Smith (Series 1/2)

Neutral: Win with recruiting faction or secret win-cons
John Smith [T]
John Smith [T]
Harriet Jones (Aliens of London, Series 1)
Henry von Statten (Dalek, Series 1)
Shadow Proclamation, Judoon Soldier (Smith & Jones, Series 3)
Luke Rattigan (The Sontaran Stratagem, Series 4)

Team Master: Defeat Team Doctor & the Family of Blood
Dalek Sec [L] (The Evolution of the Daleks, Series 3)
Cyber-Controller (The Age of Steel, Series 2)
Sontaran General Staal (The Sontaran Stratagem, Series 4)
Carrionite Lilith (The Shakespeare Code, Series 3)
Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen (Boom Town, Series 1)
Weeping Angel (Blink, Series 3)
Gelth Leader (The Unquiet Dead, Series 1)

[T]: Time Lord in human form. They have no special abilities, but they can travel through portals to meet other players. They cannot join BTSCs while human and they do not know if they are Doctor or Master. They will only know their true selves once they are reunited with their spirit in their respective fob watch.
[L]: Chief lieutenant of the Time Lord. The lieutenants recover the fob of their respective Time Lord from the Shadow Proclamation (SP) and work to keep it safe from the FoB. Each night, they can choose a member of their BTSC to hold the fob to protect it. The FoB will detect the spirit of the Time Lord on whichever player currently holds the watch using their special sense of smell. The lieutenant also has guesses to summon allies into their BTSC. Each night, in addition to their other abilities, they can submit a list of players. If all players on that list are allies (or choose to be allies), then they all join. Otherwise, nothing happens. Should the Lieutenant die with no BTSC allies, the Lieutenant ability will pass to the next player in the list (the SP will find the new lieutenant and inform them of their new responsibilities). The Lieutenant also possesses a blaster that can be given to a player for a BTSC RID Kill.

The Family of Blood: Possess the Doctor or the Master (as a Time Lord) - game-ending
Alternate: Kill both Time Lords - not game-ending
Four entities needing to possess another's body to take physical form, they seek the immortality of a Time Lord's spirit to prolong their otherwise short lifespans. The FoB starts the game randomly possessing one NPC from any team (Doctor, Master, Neutral). They appear as a regular player, with the player abilities of that NPC. Using their surrogate body, they can possess up to three more players/NPCs (one for each persona, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister). If a surrogate dies, the Family member dies with it, so they don't get to take a new body. If all surrogates die, but there are still Family members who haven't possessed a target, they will possess a living NPC of their choice (that they've met) that is still alive to continue searching for a Time Lord spirit. If the last Family member is still unassigned when the other three die, he/she can lurk in one location, waiting for an opportunity to possess a Time Lord. They will be informed each day how many people are in their area and they can choose one of them to possess at night. If they possess someone other than a John Smith or a Time Lord, they can "win" by ensuring both the Doctor and the Master die.

Sniff (passive): Every day they are informed if the essence of a Time Lord is in their area, or they are told which portal leads to the nearest essence. They cannot tell if the essence is in a fob or in the Time Lord.
Possess: One of the Family members enters the body of a character and takes command. If it's an NPC, they gain the player ability of that NPC and the ability to move them through the portals like a player. If they possess a player, that player becomes a member of the Family of Blood and joins their telepathic network (in addition to whatever networks they are already in). They still appear as their old role and keep all of the abilities of the role.
Kill: All members of the FoB can kill. They can choose to kill a character in the area with them or use another ability.

Role Details (Spoilerific!):
Team Doctor
The Doctor:
  • Passive: Hyper-awareness - The Doctor sees everyone lurking in the shadows. He will see every player and NPC in every location he visits.
  • Abilities:
    • Detect Family: Submit a list of players/NPCs, told how many are Family members.
    • Sonic Screwdriver: The Doctor's trusty sonic screwdriver can do almost anything. He can RID copy the ability of any living player with it.
Rose [L]:
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  • Player: RID Lynch Save (not on the same person two days in a row)
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  • Player: Having managed to hack the SP's transponder, she can learn information about the roles and locations of players. She can select a list of roles and will be told how many are players and how many are NPCs. Alternately, she can discover the current location of one role.
  • Allied NPC: Give the name of a role, she will tell you that role's location
  • Enemy NPC: She sends a virus to their transponder, confusing their directions so they will travel through a random portal that night.
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  • Player: Two Lies and a Truth - Targets a player at night with three yes/no questions through the host. The target must respond with one true answer and two false answers, but the target is free to choose which is which.
  • Allied NPC: Send a message through the host to target.
  • Enemy NPC: Random Redirect (in an effort to escape her gabbing, the Player will run away, missing their intended target for their action. If there are multiple targets, they will pick out that many new targets).
Jack (immune to FoB possession; kills himself if targeted for possession, wakes up in the morning):
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  • Player: Save or Bodyguard (He'll kill any player attempting a hostile action against his target, but he cannot act the next night, recuperating)
  • Allied NPC: Save or Teleport to a location known by Player (using Vortex manipulator stolen from Time Agents)
  • Enemy NPC: Teleport Player to random location (using Vortex manipulator)
Sarah Jane:
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  • Player: K9 - Sends K9 to either distract (Block) or follow a player (learns who targets him and who he targets).
  • Allied NPC: Follow target player
  • Enemy NPC: Block
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  • Player: Divination - Submit a list of players and a list of roles. Told how many of the players on the list have one of the roles on the list.
  • Allied NPC: Divination - Submit Role and ID, told if correct.
  • Enemy NPC: Identifies Player as enemy to Allied BTSC.
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  • Player: Dice Roll*
  • Allied NPC: Player's choice of Save or Follow Spy
  • Enemy NPC: Redirect to self

Team Master
The Master:
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  • Passive: Insanity - Lacking inhibitions, he cannot be intimidated by the actions of others. He ignores all attempts to block him and will instead learn the ID of the attempted blocker.
  • Abilities:
    • Capriciousness: Submit a list of up to three players/NPCs. If at least one player is a member of the Family of Blood, then all of the players/NPCs in that list will be blocked that night. He is informed if the blocks succeed or fail.
    • Enfeeble: Reversing anti-aging technology developed by Dr. Lazarus, he can enfeeble a player each night. The player will age significantly and be unable to both act and move. They must choose one or the other for the rest of the game. If they are Enfeebled a second time, they will die of old age. It will not work against the Doctor (but it does against John Smith (though the effects will reverse when the Doctor awakens)).
Dalek Sec [L]:
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  • Player: Talented with the pure intellect of the Daleks along with human ingenuity, he hacks the SP's transponder to gave valuable intelligence about the other players and NPCs. He can select a list of roles and will be told how many are players and how many are NPCs. Alternately, he can discover the current location of one role.
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  • Player: Block or Save
  • Allied NPC: Save
  • Enemy NPC: Block
General Staal:
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  • Player: RID Kill
  • Allied NPC: Bodyguard (If Saving Player from death, will die and kill the Player's would-be killer)
  • Enemy NPC: Incarcerate**
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  • Player: RID Control - Submit an RID and an action for the role. If correct, player will act according to Lilith's direction. Not twice in a row on same target.
  • Allied NPC: Divination - Submit Role and ID, told if correct.
  • Enemy NPC: Identifies Player as enemy to Team Master BTSC.
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  • Player: Disguise as character (spies/NPCs react to viewed persona)
  • Allied NPC: Block all spy attempts against Player
  • Enemy NPC: Will appear disguised as one NPC from Team Doctor. Actions submitted to Slitheen by players from Team Doctor (for her disguised character) will not succeed. Character disguise chosen randomly at the beginning of game and stays the same throughout. She will inform the Master BTSC of all enemy actions given to her (but not the ID of the player submitting them (e.g. If she appears as Mickey, she will inform the Master BTSC "'Mickey' was told to Save Alice.")).
Weeping Angel (immune to FoB possession, turns to stone for the night if targeted for Possession):
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  • Player: Teleport target player to another zone WA has visited (blocked if targeted by more than one person)
  • Allied NPC: Teleport Player to desired location they've visited
  • Enemy NPC: Teleport Player to a random location (works in reverse, only happens if player does not reveal himself)
Gelth Leader:
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  • Player: Inhabit Dead Body (can use a dead Player or NPC's "Player" ability for one night. Cannot inhabit the same body two nights in a row). Can also use Enemy NPC ability on anyone.
  • Allied NPC: Can reveal the ID of one dead player each night.
  • Enemy NPC: Appearing as an ethereal ghost, he scares and confuses the Player, sending them through the portal of his choice that night to escape.

John Smith:
  • Player: Courier private message to target player
Harriet Jones:
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  • Player: Can make her vote 2x (or secretly change it at 1x). She can also gamble to increase her vote more. If she chooses to gamble, she will be given the names of three living players. She gets an additional secret vote the next day for each one she correctly RIDs. If she fails to RID any of them, her vote counts for 0. Whether or not she uses her secret votes, once she has correctly RIDed a player, that player will not appear in the list again.
  • NPC: Each day, she grants an extra vote to the Lieutenant of the team that had the most players meet Harriet Jones that night. The extra vote can be added secretly for anyone. If it's tied, neither team gets an extra vote.
Henry von Statten:
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  • Player: Alien Tech - Learns how to use a new piece of alien technology each night. Gains one Die Roll* ability each night, in order of the numbers. May choose one from available list each night.
  • NPC: Alien Tech Exchange - Give him your ability for the night and he'll let you use one ability he has learned (accumulates abilities the same as Player ability, plus abilities learned from players).
Content Hidden

  • Player: Choice of Kill or Spy
  • NPC: If he likes the Player, he'll identify the faction of target. Players he doesn't like will be incarcerated.**
Luke Rattigan:
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  • Player: Submit a list of roles and their targets (e.g. Harkness targets Bob, Cyber-Controller targets Eve). If all roles and targets are correct, he can block or redirect everyone on the list.
  • NPC: Redirect

* Die Roll: 1 - Follow Spy, 2 - Save, 3 - Block, 4 - Redirect, 5 - Kill, 6 - Choice
** Blocked and vote x0 next day

The only characters who are guaranteed to be players are the two John Smiths and the 2 Lieutenants (Rose and Dalek Sec). All of the other characters could be players or NPCs, even the neutral characters. The neutrals can be recruited to either team and have powerful abilities, but they may have their own agendas. The Shadow Proclamation originally sent out information on who received transponders (i.e. who is a player), but the FoB intercepted the message and corrupted when trying to decrypt it. Thus each person receives a different small portion of the original message instead of the whole thing.
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