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 Dead Last, Trust No one
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  Posted Jan 12 2017, 07:46 AM
The Tontine . An ages-old investment scheme . Just buy a ticket to participate and you could make millions . Countless entry fees are pooled and invested in an account , where they gain significant interest . After years of accrual , the last survivng ticket holder ends up claiming a fortune.Nice fairytail . But Tontine are illegal for a reason
It's the same reason they've been so famously featured in dimestore pulp fiction novels . They have a tendency to lead a murder .That doesn't mean they don't still exist . And it didn't stop you from accepting a ticket and a chance at what you heard was billions . A nice replacement for payment against an old debt . But this Tontine is collapsing . There are only a few dozen tickets left . And now its kill or be killed . Be on your guard . Strike first . Be DEAD LAST - and you'll be rich beyond imagining .

The game is divided into rounds . Each rounds consist of a series of voting , in which players collectively decide who to murder . 4 gold bars are available to the survivor(s) of each round .A round ends in 1 of 3 ways.
(1) . Just 1 player survives and takes all 4 goals bars
(2) . 2 players survive and must participate in a final showdown .
(3) . No one survives - no gets the four gold bars . Instead all those not involve in the last vote , gain 1 gold bar
Play coutines until , at the end of the round , a player collects enough gold bars points to win . For 6-9 players : 25 points / gold bars . 10-12 players : 24 points / gold bars . . If more than 1 player has enough gold win , the highest point total wins . If still tied , the tied players conduct another final showdown , until any single player at the table has collected the highest gold point total .

Before each vote , players will conspire trying to persuade others to vote with them or trying to align with the plans of others . Being part of the largest voting group is VERY important
After players plot and conspire , it is time to vote ( while conspiring i suggest you vote earlier so that its faster for rounds to go ) . To vote , players message their votes ( players name ) , players are free to change their votes until the last person cast their votes . If a player suspects they are the target of the group they may defend themselves by messaging a AMBUSH vote instead of voting for another player . Once everybody votes , i will reveal everyone's vote .

Ambush : If a player votes for Ambush and receive enough votes to be a declared a target ,they are NOT eliminated . Instead , they eliminated 1 of the players who voted for them . However , if a player votes for Ambush and is not a target, they have eliminated themselves .
Important : In tallying the votes , Ambush votes are not counted as votes .
- The player who receive the most votes is The Target and is eliminated from the round .
- If there is a tie for the most votes , all tied players are eliminated
-In addition , any players who did not vote for The target are also eliminated .
Players - voted for
Orange - gray
Gray - Ambush
Yellow - Teal
Teal - gray
Blue - Yellow
Green - gray
Violet - Yellow
Purple - Yellow
Red - Aqua
Aqua - Red
In this scenario , Gray and Yellow are the Target and are supposed eliminated , But Gray played an Ambush card and is safe from being killed this vote and gets to choose to kill another player who voted for him , etc Teal . Brown and Red are also eliminated for not voting The Target . Which concludes Yellow , Teal , Brown and Red are eliminated from this round
Green - Orange
Purple - Ambush
Orange - Purple
For this scenario , the vote is a tied (Ambush is not an official vote )
Orange is eliminated
Purple played Ambush - and is not eliminated . Purple can only choose to eliminated a player who voted for them . So both Purple and Green survives
Final showdown
As mentioned previously , if only 2 players survive this round , they must face off the final showdown . In a final showdown , the 2 remaining players each take an 1 of the following 3 actions . This are the 3 options available
Share - Agree to split the 4 gold bars equally , 2 gold Bars each
Steal - Attempt to take all 4 gold bars by yourself
Grab 1 and go - Guarantee 1 gold bar by yourself and give 3 to your opponent
The 2 players take a moment to discuss their intentions and convince the other player will fulfill their end of the bargain . After each player chooses 1 of the 3 actions , the number of gold bars taken is resolved .
2 Players 'Share' - both players take 2 gold bars
2 Players 'Steal' - Both players take no gold , everyone else take 1 gold bar
2 Players 'Grab 1 and go' - Both players grab 1 gold bar
Steal and Share - The player who played Steal will take all 4 gold bar .
Grab 1 and go and Share/Steal - The player who played Share/Steal takes 3
Each gold bar is worth 3-5 points
Players username will be the name used for the game .
Preferred number of players - 6 to 12
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  Posted Feb 13 2017, 10:18 AM
How to play - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTb6fU9VCwo

Anyone want to try it ? ?
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  Posted Sep 20 2017, 05:38 PM
Im in
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