Welcome to MafiaManiac, a site is dedicated to the growth and expansion of the online forum game of Mafia.

Mafia is that party game you may have played, where there is a mafia (informed minority) trying to overtake an entire village and the villagers (uninformed Majority) are trying to stop them. We play these mafia games over several days in our forum and we have people from all over the world playing them. These mafia games can be themed from movies, real life situations and almost anything you can think of! Mafia involves a lot of creative strategy, making you think on your toes. You'll be forced trust your gut, check your logic, and deceive or be deceived. If you think you can handle playing, here are a few links you should definitely check out.

- Unreality's Official Guide to Mafia
- Site Rules
- Our Wiki

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Okosan's Group

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Jul 27 2016, 01:11 AM
COOO! (Welcome mo! Post your thoughts/whatever else here.)
Jul 27 2016, 01:05 AM
COOO! (Just posting the roles here as well because why not?)

Spoiler for Roles
Jul 27 2016, 12:41 AM
Cooo! (If you are seeing this then that means that your time at St. Pigeonation's has come to an end. http://mafiamaniac.org/smile/sad.gif Feel free to make fun of (or discuss if you really want to) what is happening in the game here.)

Spoiler for Roles

Jul 8 2016, 06:21 PM
Hatoful Mafia:

Baddies (Hawk Party): [BTSC. NK requires carrier. Wincon: Outnumber Goodies+Indy. May exchange NK for 2 savable RID Kills.]:

Hawk Party Leader: Can convince anyone that their opinions are wrong. (Vote Multiplier x2 on self or x0 else)

Hawk Party Grunt: Does the manual labor for the Hawk Party. (Block)

Hawk Party Informant: Can follow anybirdie and report back with vital info. (Follow Spy)

Hawk Party Saboteur: An expert in causing confusion anywhere they go. (Redirect)

Goodies: [Wincon: Eliminate all Baddies]:

Ryouta Kawara: Ryouta is a rock dove that seems to be friends with everybirdie. (Faction Spy)

Okosan: Okosan is a fantail pigeon that is eccentric, hyperactive, and on a Quest for True Pudding. (Broadcast)

Fujishiro Nageki: Nageki is a mourning dove who is currently a freshman at St. Pigeonation’s. He is very shy and only a few people ever seem to notice him. (Chooses someone at night to have anoymous BTSC with during the day. If target has other BTSC it will be lost for that day.)

Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane: Sakuya is a snobbish fantail pigeon and a French transfer student. He is the head of Student Counsel and actual royalty. (Vote multiplier: x2 on self or x0 on anybody else)

Yuuya Sakazaki: Yuuya is also a fantail pigeon and the half-brother of Sakuya. He's commonly seen as the class flirt but seems to be hiding something. (Kill)

Anghel Higure: Anghel is a Luzon bleeding-heart dove that believes he is a fallen angel. He always seems to be in a fantasy world and has the ability to pull others in. (Save. The person he visits has a 25% chance to get a Post Restriction for the next day.)

Nanaki Kazuaki: Nanaki is a button quail and a narcoleptic math teacher at St. Pigeonation's. Since he is a teacher he can veto whatever these silly students think should happen. (Lynch Save)

Azami Koshiba: Azami is a sparrow that seems to possess extreme fighting skills as well as an extreme caution when driving. (Block)

Kenzaburou Urushihara: Kenzaburou is a parakeet that owns Torimi Cafe. He can overhear anything that is happening to a bird who visits here. (Target Spy)

Mister One: Mister One is a cockatiel and St. Pigeonation's janitor. He seems to have all kind of odds and ends. (Die Role (1-Kill, 2-Save, 3-Block, 4-Follow Spy 5-Faction Spy, 6-Broadcast) )

Indy: [Wincon: Secret http://mafiamaniac.org/smile/devil.gif ]
Hiyoko Tosaka: Hiyoko is the only human attending St. Pigeonation’s.

Additional Notes:

• Tie Lynch Rules:
o Random 1 in tie dies

• Kills are not blocking.

• Actions shown in NP:
o Successful Kills
o Successful Saves

o Factions: Indy > Baddie > Goodie
o Actions: Block > Redirect

• Blocks:
o The blocker is told if the block was successful. (A Block will succeed if it stopped a night action.)
o The person that was targeted will be told that they were blocked should the block be successful.

• Redirects:
o Informed of success/failure.
o The target is not told they were redirected.
Jun 2 2016, 03:15 PM
Medium Basic Mafia
Baddies. BTSC, Group NK. Wincon: Outnumber the goodies.
1) Block.
2) Vanilla.

Goodies. Wincon: Lynch the baddies.
1) Spy.
2) Save.
3) Vanilla.
4) Vanilla.
5) Vanilla
6) Vanilla

NP shows successful saves only. Baddies do not get a success/fail result on their block.
Tie lynch = no one dies. Baddies win if they enter a day phase in a 2-on-2 scenario with no lynch to be followed by kill.
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