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Mar 11 2015, 07:06 PM
A game idea should probably be in game ideas, but this is so far only the very beginning of one, and it's rather different, so I'm thinking some more open feedback that I could get here would be okay. I'm posting roles along with it, but the only thing rather certain about this idea is the absence of lynches and the mechanic that would replace it (more or less).

Stage Battle (really bad name that just fits the name theme of the current roles)

Band A: (BTSC)
Lead singer:
Draw the lights (Lighting vote counts double)

Violent (Kill)

Bass Guitar:

Redirect / Vote Redirect (one per day/night cycle)

Back-up vocals:
Echo (choose 2 players: repeat night action taken by first player on second player - fails if first player didn't make a night action)

Band B:

Band C:

Every day phase, each player gets one vote as to how and where the stage lighting should be done. At the end of each day phase, if a player has
1-3 'lighting' votes on them: Previous night's target revealed
4-6: Faction revealed
7-9: Role, but not faction revealed
10+: Completely revealed.

Multiple players can be revealed in different ways each day phase.

Does this idea seem feasible? Mostly I'm interested in how the revealing mechanic looks, but any and all feedback is much appreciated. I like writing up game ideas. http://mafiamaniac.org/smile/lol.gif

Mar 5 2015, 07:56 PM
Because everyone likes silly forum games that serve no real purpose.

Person 1 names a Mafia power
Person 2 says what they'd do with that power in real life, and names another power



Smite my enemies

Jump from a building and survive
Lynch Save

Save someone on death row...
And so on

So, to start off:

Feb 26 2015, 09:32 PM
Once upon a time, there was a game. It was the best game of all, and as it goes with all great things, fandom followed. This is the story of that fandom.

The Fandom - WINCON: Eliminate The Trolls and The Reviewer
The Shipper: All day and all night, The Shipper dreams of the most impossible relationships between his favorite characters, and as such he will do everything he can to keep them alive. (Save)

The Blogger: The Blogger blogs. Well, what did you expect? But to be able to blog well, The Blogger has to know people who know people all over, and indeed he does. (Spy)

The Awkward Superfan: The Awkward Superfan means well, he really does. He's just, well... awkward. A conversation with an idol of his can quickly keep the person in question tied up for several hours, and in the meantime, no one else will be able to get to them. (Trap)

The Human Encyclopedia: The Human Encyclopedia has seen it all, read it all, and most importantly, memorized it all. Not a situation exists that, with some careful thinking and considering how the old stuff interacts with the new stuff, The Human Encyclopedia can't think up a solution for. (Block)

The Convention Host: What is there to say? This guy hosts conventions! He lives and breathes for that special time when fans from all four corners of the globe gather in one special place to let fandom reign supreme! And because he's the host, he has can find out precisely who attended and who didn't. (ODTG can get a list of all roles left in the game, will not be told which player is which role)

The Trolls - WINCON: Outnumber The Fandom and The Reviewer - BTSC
The Hater: Obsessed with nothing but hating for hate's sake, the specialty of The Hater is to convince other people to hate along with them. Quite often though, this will just lead to people hating on The Hater, but even that's considered a win for him. (Vote Self-Redirect)

The Hipster: The Hipster knows everything before you do, or at least he likes to pretend he does. However, a little bit of successful guesswork combined with some good deduction skills means that if The Hipster does manage to get it right, there's no stopping him. (RID Kill)

The Reviewer - WINCON: Succesfully RID Block 3 times, ends the game
The Reviewer: The Reviewer's reviewed it all: movies, shows, games, you name it. His reviews can often ruin things before people get a chance to fully enjoy them, and doing this as often as possible is what he lives for. (RID Block, Secret Power)

RID Kill >> RID Block > (Block >> Trap) >> Spy >> ODTG >> Save >> RID Kill

Night / Day Post Shows
  • Vote Self Redirect
  • RID Kill (if successful)
  • RID Block (if successful)
  • Block
  • Save
  • Trap

  • Save goes before RID Kill, but nothing else does.
  • Vote Self-Redirect means a person's vote is redirected to The Hater.
  • Trap is Block/Save/Silence
  • Trapped players cannot vote or be voted for.
  • If RID Block is specifically blocked/trapped by Block/Trap, Block/Trap takes effect.
  • If RID Block blocks Block/Trap while they were targeting someone else, Block/Trap is blocked.
  • RID Block cannot block self
  • Lynch Tie:
    • D1: Both Players Live
    • D2 Onward: One Dies

I would be looking for an experienced co-host, as well as someone (or someones) who can help me with feedback on the Secret Power. This can be the same person, but doesn't have to be, so if you know you're not going to be playing and would like to offer feedback, yet don't feel like co-hosting, feel free to PM me!
Feb 19 2015, 08:17 PM
I was wondering about games in which there are no spies - or at the very least no role spies. Is this at all doable? It seems that it would encourage a lot more conversation in the thread, but would also necessitate kills being evenly distributed. How about spy-less faction games (with BTSC for each faction? The fact that Coolkid's Grand Magic Battle also had a spy for each faction makes me think that no spies in the game alters how the game is played rather drastically. Any chance I can get some input?

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