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Mafia is that party game you may have played, where there is a mafia (informed minority) trying to overtake an entire village and the villagers (uninformed Majority) are trying to stop them. We play these mafia games over several days in our forum and we have people from all over the world playing them. These mafia games can be themed from movies, real life situations and almost anything you can think of! Mafia involves a lot of creative strategy, making you think on your toes. You'll be forced trust your gut, check your logic, and deceive or be deceived. If you think you can handle playing, here are a few links you should definitely check out.

- Unreality's Official Guide to Mafia
- Site Rules
- Our Wiki

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When you feel your game idea is fully ready to be played, please START A NEW TOPIC in Games Ready with the final RIDs, rules, FAQ and prologue if applicable. Thanks, MafiaManiac Staff

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 Game Ideas, Status
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  Posted Mar 23 2013, 11:24 AM
1. When you feel your game idea is fully ready to be played, please PM Aura (Head of Games) or Araver (Head of Computations) tongue.gif for a final check (or click here or here for instant PM.)
Please be aware if we are in our player accounts, it may be quicker to PM us there.
2. After receiving a green light from the Head of Games (or another mod), please START A NEW TOPIC in Games Ready section with the final RIDs, FAQs and prelude/prologue if applicable.
3. Last but not least, if you want to schedule your Mafia in advance based on your availability to host, please specify this to the mods in step 2. And please add this info in the Game Idea/Game Ready thread and PM the mods if there is any change

Thank you for your cooperation http://www.mafiamaniac.net/img/Smilies/wink.gif

In progress - Game Ideas awaiting final recheck or a cohost or suggested REDO/Clarifications
* Mewminator - Mafia of Swordsmen - needs balance REDO + secret indy check (Araver)
* Shadow & Aaryan - Monk Mafia - needs balance REDO + clarifying (Nana, Araver)
* Prince Marth - Mafia vs Mafia Mafia - green lit pending addition/confirmation of the OP changes/assumptions (Nana, Araver)
* GMaster - Pokemon Mafia - needs balance REDO (Araver)
* Aaryan - Redwall: Mossflower - needs balance REDO as per suggestions (Araver)

Approved and/or queued - Games Ready

* Lionheart - Vampire Knight Mafia - Host MIA since 2012
* Garengan - Rogue Elements Mafia - Host MIA since 2012
* Yuli / Hirkala - Minesweeper Mafia - Host(s) MIA?

Part in teal added by Aura
Part in RoyalBlue added by Araver
Part in pink added by Nana tongue.gif

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  Posted Mar 6 2014, 10:45 PM
Continually updated list here.


none. This is a problem

On Hold:
Fandom: Vomm and Shad, 20 players, Greek, host availability
Dying of the Light 3: Nox and Shad, 18 players, host availability
Amber 2: Araver, 22 players, host availability
Rogue Elements: Garengan, 14 players, host MIA

Close to Ready:
Lego: Yuli, any, testing
Amora: Boq and Hachi, 14 players, final balancing
Wizard of Oz: Nana, 14 players, final balancing
Students vs. Teachers: Magicluver and Shad, 15 players, final balancing
D&M: War of Succession: Plasmid, mod 4, revision

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