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 Bang + Coup
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  Posted Jan 22 2017, 01:33 AM
This Idea has been taken from Forum in Board Game Arena and i have the green light to use this Idea http://mafiamaniac.org/smile/smile.gif

Coup rules
Everyone starts with 2 coins
Everybody will be 2 role cards . Below are the 5 roles you could get , their are 3 of each ( With more players , more roles will be given )
Captain - Steal 2 coins from another player . Block stealing
Ambassador - Take 2 cards from the deck , return 2 cards to the deck . Block a steal
Duke - Take 3 coins from the deck
Contessa - Block an assassination
Assassin - Pay 3 coins to attempt an assassination on a player . If assassination fails , you get your 3 coins back
During your turn , you may do 1 of the above actions OR do a action below
Income - Get 1 coin
Coup - Pay 7 coins to Coup someone , this cannot be blocked . If you have 10 or more coins you must attempt an Coup during your turn )
You may claim any of the role cards to their action even if you do not have the role of it , You action will go through if no one CHALLANGE! you . If someone CHALLANGE you , I will publicly reveal Whetever you have that role card . If the targeted player HAS that role card , the Challenger loses a role card , the target player claimed role card will be put back to the deck , and they will receive a new role card . If the targeted player does not have the role card they claim , they loses a role card . All eliminated role card will be reveal to everyone .
Everyone will be a given an Identity card . The identity card each have their own goal
Mayor - You must eliminate all Mafia and Serial Killer .
Mafia - You must kill the Mayor and the Serial Killers , but you don't need to kill each other to win .You will not know other Mafia's .
Bodyguard - Keep the Mayor save , You win if Mayor is the last 1 alive
Serial Killer - Kill everyone else , be the last 1 alive to win
4 Players = 1 Mayor , 1 Serial Killer , 2 Mafia
5 players = + 1 Bodyguard
6 Players = + 1 Mafia
7 Players = + 1 Bodyguard
8 Players = + 1 Serial Killer
The Mayor will be reveal to all , the Mayor goes first . When a player loses both role cards they are eliminated and their Identity is reveal
If the Sheriff eliminates the Bodyguard , The Sheriff discards all coins they have .
Any player eliminating a Mafia ( even if they them self is Mafia ) , They will receive 3 coins as an reward .
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