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Jan 19 2018, 11:34 PM
I should preface this with the fact I have zero experience with hosting mafia games. The purpose of this is more so I can spark a discussion about MM Den mafia theme design in order to understand it better. If the final result actually ends up being something resembling playable, I'll be wanting to hold off for a while and get a few more games under my belt before I even think of hosting it, as well as find a co-host.
Oh, and I suppose even without the flavor done, I should put a spoiler warning here. If you care about the plot of a game released back in 2010, stop reading now.

But with that out of the way... I present Xenoblade Chronicles Mafia.

Wincon - Eliminate Zanza and his disciples.

-Set of ODTG abilities: Kill, save, block, faction spy
-Cannot die at night while Reyn is alive.

-Shulk cannot die at night while Reyn is alive.
-Knows who Shulk is.


-If attacked (and not saved) at night, does not die until the end of next day cycle.

-Faction spy

-x3 vote manip. Target is picked at night and the multiplier is active the following day, even if Riki is dead. Cannot be used on self. Target is told their vote was boosted at the beginning of the day.


-Have BTSC and uncarried kill. May trade kill for 2 RID kills. (Can be saved)

-Cannot be killed at night.
-Appears innocent to spies.
-ODTG may trade the faction kill/RID kills for unstoppable Kill+Block. (Kills Dunban instantly)

-ODTG lynch frame

-Vote redirect

Wincon - Be in majority and eliminate the indy.


-Has a kill+role spy every even night. (Spy fails if kill is unsuccessful)
-Has an RID kill every odd night except the first.
-Cannot be killed at night.
-If killed by Zanza, a message will be broadcast in the day post following Egil's death along the lines of "The Mechonis has gone silent."

Wincon - Ends the game in a solo win for himself if alive while there are 6 or more people in the graveyard OR wins and leaves the game (functionally identical to death) without ending it if Zanza is killed before that happens.

Special rules/mechanics
-Tie lynch: D1 nobody dies, D2 onwards all players in the tie die.
-You will be told if blocked.
-Dickson/Zanza will not be told if their block was successful or not.
-Redirect fails if target was not taking any action, and the day post will not show someone attempted to redirect them.
-If a kill fails due to targeting Egil, Zanza, Dunban, or Shulk while Reyn is still alive, the party responsible will be notified that their kill failed, and the target of the attack will be notified they were attacked, but not by who.
-Zanza's ODTG kill will bypass Dunban's delayed death, Egil's night immunity, Shulk's bodyguard, and Sharla's save.

What shows in the night post:
-Successful kills (Including the killing role responsible, and the type of kill)
-Successful saves

What shows in the day post:
-Lynched players' names and roles
-Dunban succumbing to his wounds
-Egil's death the night prior, if killed by Zanza

OOA: Redirect >> Zanza's ODTG unstoppable kill+block >> Block >> Spy >> Save >> Kill (Including the baddie NK, RID kills, and Egil's hybrid kill+spy)

Current things on my mind are:
-Are the baddies too strong overall?
-Should Egil's win condition be changed or tweaked? Is 6 dead players too little or too much? Does seeing Zanza die as a secondary win condition make him life too easy? While it was intended to weight him slightly towards goodie-aligned, is it excessive/unbalanced?
-Is there anything I missed in OOA, or what shows in day/night posts?
-Should Shulk be taken down a peg?
-Riki's vote manip is targeted during the night to simplify mindgames with Dickson and overall make it a riskier ability. Would it be better to just remove this quirk and let him choose a target during the day?
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